What is the best jewelry cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaner test 2021 • The 7 best ultrasonic cleaners in comparison

What is an ultrasonic cleaner?

At a Ultrasonic cleaner is it a Special cleaning device, that in many jewelry and Jewelry stores, but also in some dental practices, at the optician's and in some Housewares departments is to be found. Ultrasonic cleaners are also suitable for private use at home. The way it works is as simple as it is effective: the items to be cleaned are placed in the water bath given to after switching on the Ultrasonic cleaner to benefit from the power of cavitation.

So arise through Ultrasonic cavities in the liquid. They can also be extreme Pressure fluctuations can be measured between negative and positive pressure. In the course of this, tiny air bubbles form, which immediately burst again, whereupon new bubbles form. In this way the surfaces of the objects in the water bath are cleaned without the risk of any damage given is.
Even the tiniest of grooves, openings and joints are sustainable Pollution freed.

Diagram showing the price-performance ratio of the ultrasonic cleaners

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What types of ultrasonic cleaners are there?

There are basically two types of Ultrasonic cleaners: On the one hand, according to the current test, people like to fall back on the devices that work exclusively on a water basis. On the other hand, enjoy yourself too Ultrasonic cleaner great popularity, those special Cleaning solutions be added.

In this way, glasses, cutlery, jewelry and the like can provide an additional benefit shine receive. The use of additional cleaners, as many have a disinfectant effect. bacteria and Germs are killed even more reliably.

In one Ultrasonic cleaner can Objects be cleaned in various ways. However, it is important that they are waterproof and, if possible, not made of natural raw materials such as wood or leather.

This is how ultrasonic cleaners are tested

A Ultrasonic cleaner test divides into two basic Components on. First complete the Test specialists a theoretical one Test, in which all the product-specific factors related to Ultrasonic cleaner be collected.

All data and information that is available to the consumer from relevance are listed in a questionnaire. This is the basis for the practical test that follows. Aim this Test series is to the interested consumer all information - These are among other things the advantages, but also any disadvantages to the product - to offer what he needs.
It is not intended to arouse the intention to buy, but rather the reader to clarify objectively, transparently and professionally. Whether it will ultimately be about buying the envisaged one Product comes is entirely at the discretion of the consumer. The following criteria are examined in the test, among other things:

The criteria in the ultrasonic cleaner test

The quality of the ultrasonic cleaner

So with the Ultrasonic cleaner best Results can be achieved, the test specialists make sure in each test series that the qualitative value leaves nothing to be desired. Because only in this way can a long Device life guaranteed.

The processing

The processing the individual Components and the technologies play a central role in the test. In order to ensure the best functionality, the test experts look very carefully to check the extent to which the factor is "Precision" was in the foreground in the course of production.

The functionality

Certainly benefits the Consumer, when an ultrasonic cleaner impresses with its high functionality. However, it is not important that as many functions as possible are implemented. Much more According to the test experts, the features that are available should convince with maximum reliability and efficiency.

The handling

Compared to other Cleaning products and systems are Ultrasonic cleaner - depending on model - sometimes complex to use. So that the consumer can still use the Ultrasonic cleaner copes, it is important that the control panel is clearly laid out and clearly structured and that a meaningful operating manual is included in the scope of delivery.

The capacity

Everyone Ultrasonic cleaner in the test should go through a high Performance volume impress. In long-term tests, the test professionals find out what the long-term “ability” of the ultrasonic cleaner is like.

The precision

Who one Ultrasonic cleaner uses, wishes precisely Cleaning results. Therefore, this aspect is also of central importance in the test.

The reputation of the manufacturer

Like the current one test has shown that it is not absolutely necessary for consumers to use models from well-known suppliers when purchasing new ultrasonic cleaners. Rather, it turned out in the current Product comparison out that too No-name products in this category convince with good performance and high functionality.

The price-performance structure

The comparison shows that Ultrasonic cleaner do not necessarily have to be expensive to purchase. Rather, with a view to the current comparison, it is easily possible to be powerful Ultrasonic cleaner also in Medium price segment to find. The current Product test helps to find the right ultrasonic cleaner.

What else do I have to look out for when buying an ultrasonic cleaner?

The nature of the Ultrasonic cleaner should as far as possible correspond to the individual needs and the intended use. Failure to do so runs the risk of spending too much money on an inappropriate compared to Ultrasonic cleaner is issued.

Depending on the area of ​​application, the consumer choose if he is going for one Ultrasonic cleaner on Water based decides or whether he chooses a device that can be operated with a special cleaning solution. Ultrasonic cleaner this Product category are very suitable for items that are particularly difficult to clean.
Braces and glasses used in dental offices or in Optician specialty stores should be used with a disinfectant cleaning supplies can be filled.

Presentation of the top 10 manufacturers / brands

  • Elma GmbH
  • Allpax GmbH & Co. KG
  • Bandelin GmbH
  • Grundig
  • Emag
  • AEG
  • Sonitec
  • Bodensohn Präzision GmbH
  • Semmelroth
  • Wombi ultrasound technology
The Elma GmbH is a leading international company founded in 1948. To this day, the company is family-owned and is known for solidity and precision in over 80 countries. When it comes to ultrasonic and steam cleaning technologies, the company's product portfolio is extremely comprehensive. Modular and customer-specific cleaning systems and systems are also part of the Elma GmbH range. The company is based in Singen am Hohentwiel. From there, the high-quality products of this well-known supplier conquer the hearts of discerning private and corporate customers “all over the world”.
The service and product portfolio of Company Allpax GmbH & Co. KG is extremely extensive. The company's label is called Palssonic and is emblazoned on a wide variety of products that are characterized by solid quality. The range is very extensive, from vacuum sealing devices and film sealing devices to ultrasonic and cleaning devices and other systems and plants. Accordingly, private and commercial customers with the most varied of requirements and expectations can easily find the right device for each. The portfolio of accessory products is also impressive, and it impresses with its remarkable price-performance structure.
It was in 1946 when Wilhelm Bandelin founded his company. It all began with the development and manufacture of ultrasonic cleaning devices with innovative tube technology. Over the years, the company has steadily expanded its range of products. So the decision was made in 1954 to set up Tick-O-Graf W. Bandeling KG in order to design measuring devices for determining accuracy. Today Bandelin GmbH has 68 brands and 79 patents. More than 1 million devices were sold. The Bandelin company is still working hard to steadily expand its success.
The Company Grundig was a global corporation founded by Max Grundig in 1930 as a radio dealer in a small workshop. It was dissolved in 2003. The Grundig label has existed as a trademark ever since. The company was initially based in Fürth, then in Nuremberg. In 2003 the company had 1,260 employees and generated sales of EUR 300 million. Further relevant data can be viewed at grundig.de. Grundig Business Systems developed from the Grundig company and continues to use the Grundig name.
The Company Emag has stood for the best manufacturing systems and precisely designed metal parts for many years, according to its own statements. From the beginning, the company was on a course of expansion and developed innovative machines, systems and plants through to tailor-made manufacturing systems. Some of these developments also play an important role with regard to ultrasonic cleaning. The product and service portfolio is extremely comprehensive, and even the moderate price-performance structure can convince the discerning customer. 69 percent of the products are exported abroad. The current annual turnover is 590 million euros. Around 2,973 employees work for the company.
The AEG was founded in 1883 by Emil Rathenau as the German Edison Society for Applied Electricity. The company's headquarters were in Berlin and Frankfurt. The managing director of the group, which was later renamed to AEG - Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft - was Ernst Stöckl until 1996. The company was relevant in both telecommunications and automation, as well as transportation. In addition, AEG manufactured products and solutions for electrical household appliances as well as trams and projectors. After the merger with Daimler Benz in 1996, the company filed for bankruptcy. To this day, electrical appliances are available in stores under the AEG label.
The renowned company Sonitec is based in Neuendorf. The company has been offering innovative cleaning systems and efficient cleaning products of the highest quality for several years. The product and service portfolio is characterized by its excellent, well-thought-out conception. The price-performance ratio is extremely moderate compared to the competition. Last but not least, commercial and private customers benefit from a wide range of services as part of the cooperation with Sonitec. This means that the consumer can rely on competent support both during the purchase and afterwards with a view to maintenance and repairs.
In 1953 the company Bodensohn Präzision GmbHfounded. Theo Bodensohn put the focus of his company primarily on the production of general machines and fixtures as well as on the production of individual parts. Ultrasonic cleaners and the appropriate accessories as well as many other products, all of which are aimed at cleaning and maintenance, are part of the extensive and particularly high-quality range of products and services. Compared to other providers in the industry, the price-performance ratio of Bodensohn Präzision GmbH is extremely worth seeing and very customer-oriented.
The Company Semmelroth has been successfully on the market for over 35 years and offers innovative technologies for everything to do with water. Semmelroth Anlagentechnik GmbH has always stood for individual precision cleaning systems as well as for tailor-made cleaning solutions according to customer requirements. It is important to the “makers” at Semmelroth that the cleaning products and systems not only convince with their high quality, but that they also offer the customer real added value. It is precisely in this point that the Semmelroth company stands out from many other providers within the industry.
The Company Wombi Ultrasound technology is based in the heart of Kleinwallstadt. Commercial customers who are looking for ultrasonic cleaners, accessories and other innovations in this segment will find this company to be a reliable and renowned partner who has a comprehensive range of products. The range of offers and services is also impressive when it comes to professional advice on ultrasound technology. Metal cleaning systems, ultrasonic cleaning systems and corresponding services are always offered at attractive conditions.

The disadvantages

These In front- and disadvantage describe Customer reviews

  • In terms of cleaning efficiency, the ultrasonic cleaner does not keep what the manufacturer promises. According to some Amazon customers, it sometimes takes longer until the cleaning process is completed.
  • The processing of the components leaves a lot to be desired. At first glance, the nature of the ultrasonic cleaner seems rather unstable. Therefore, according to some Amazon customers, there is a need for action on the part of the manufacturers.
  • The noise development is very high in comparison with some devices, especially those from the low-priced segment. This aspect can be very annoying when using modern ultrasonic cleaners in the commercial sector.
  • In comparison, the operating menu is very complex. Inexperienced users therefore initially have their difficulties and, in comparison, find it difficult to cope with the ultrasonic cleaner.
  • In terms of its functionality, the ultrasonic cleaner does not make sense for use in the commercial sector. It can therefore make sense to exchange the ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Some sensitive surfaces are slightly damaged after removal from the pool. This indicates a deficiency in terms of the structural conception. It is therefore important to consult the manufacturer.
  • The casing of the device leaves a lot to be desired in terms of stability. After prolonged use, this could mean that the device is only designed to last for a short period of time. In the opinion of cost-conscious customers, this is quite a nuisance.
  • The proportion of plastic material in the scope of delivery was too high. Those who focus on ecological aspects are well advised to opt for an alternative product.
  • There was no detailed and clearly structured instruction manual. So it is not easy, especially for the less technically experienced, to recognize the advantages, but also any disadvantages.
  • The services provided by the manufacturer are rather second-rate compared to other providers. They play an important role when technical questions arise or when repairs are required.

Interesting facts and advice

The history of the ultrasonic cleaner

To take a look at the history the Ultrasonic cleaner to catch a glimpse of it is worth it, even in the Wildlife digress. For example, bats make use of the effect of ultrasound. You can find in absolute Darkness tiny insects and can occur suddenly by themselves Obstacles dodge. In the 17th century, the biologist Spallazani researched bats and was able to do it first Data and Facts collect. His findings but were initially discontinued. It was not until the 19th century that the knowledge gained up to that point with a view to Ultrasound technology examined in more depth.

Ultrasonic cleaners through the ages

The Curie siblings ventured even further in this segment and brought relevant ones findings to days. It was not until much later, however, that ultrasound was known to break air bubbles present in liquids into Vibrations can move. The first were in the 1960s precursor of today's ultrasonic cleaners. As time went on, technology steadily improved, and the im comparison high precision devices are coming according to the current one test no longer exclusively in subject-specific Areas to use.Also for domestic use today Ultrasonic cleaner to have that best in the test reviews can convince.

Numbers, data, facts about ultrasonic cleaners

In terms of cleaning With Ultrasonic the frequencies used range from 20 kHz to 2 MHz. It is also interesting that the low frequencies up to 20 kHz produce air bubbles that make you feel in the comparison quite big diameter exhibit. At the same time, the resulting pressure surges are relatively strong and intense. In comparison, frequencies that are higher than 35 kHz are considerably more efficient when it comes to being best Cleaning results to generate.

The test proves - the best results in the MS area

The purification of Braces,Glasses, cutlery and jewelry are included Ultrasonic cleaners in the Low frequency range carried out more intensively and at the same time more gently. The common one in general Ultrasonic frequency range is called US in technical jargon and is im average about 200 kHz. It is particularly effective in removing impurities with a diameter of about 1 µm. Is the Frequency range on the other hand twice as much, one speaks of so-called megasound or MS. Dirt particles with a diameter of less than 1 µm are thus removed in the frequency range of 400 kHz.

Ultrasonic cleaner set up correctly in 2 steps

Step 1

Step 1

The ultrasonic cleaner is first positioned at a suitable location and filled with water or the cleaning solution. With a view to the intended use, it is worthwhile to take a close look in advance and to study the current test results. Because this makes it easy to find the right device for you.

step 2

step 2

The ultrasonic cleaner is then connected to a power source and the objects to be cleaned can be placed in the bath. Depending on the model, it can take several minutes for the cleaning process to complete.

Stiftung Warentest: Ultrasonic cleaner test - the results

To find out which one is best, it makes sense to check out the latest Test results from Stiftung Warentest or Ökot test in Illusion to take.

Currently, however, neither the institute Eco test nor the Stiftung Warentest one Ultrasonic cleaner test carried out. In general, it shows how important it is not to research “on your own” when it comes to finding suitable Ultrasonic cleaner to find.
Because this search could be tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, more and more are going consumer about checking the latest test reports to see the best Ultrasonic cleaner to buy at an attractive price.


What are ultrasonic cleaners?

An ultrasonic cleaner is a precision cleaning device that uses ultrasound to remove even stubborn dirt from special objects. We are talking about glasses, braces, jewelry but also cutlery and the like.

Who should buy ultrasonic cleaners?

Professional cleaning with ultrasound in jewelry or optician stores can cost a lot of money. If you want to save yourself this financial expense, it is well advised to buy an ultrasonic cleaner.

Where can you buy ultrasonic cleaners at attractive conditions?

There are opportunities to find what you are looking for in local electronics stores. The Internet also offers a wide range of offers and makes it possible to save money when buying the appropriate equipment. If you study the current test reports, you can go straight to the manufacturer's website for the desired product you are looking for and order the ultrasonic cleaner there.

Which is the best ultrasonic cleaner?

The test has shown that there is no such thing as the “best” device in this product category. Because every user has different demands on quality, functionality and price / performance. It is therefore worthwhile to take a look at the current test results in order to find the best device at an attractive price right away.

How much does an ultrasonic cleaner cost?

The current test makes it clear that ultrasonic cleaners are available in a wide variety of conditions. The cost-conscious consumer can get modern ultrasonic cleaners for 20 to 50 euros. Devices in the price range between 300 and 500 euros are also available. In addition, ultrasonic cleaners for the commercial sector are offered at a price of around 1,000 to 2,000 euros.

Which devices are better - water-based models or ultrasonic cleaners that work with specialty cleaners?

Ultrasonic cleaners that work with a special cleaner are better suited for certain areas. It is particularly worthwhile to use ultrasonic cleaners of this type in the commercial or medical sector. In comparison, the recently carried out test showed that water-based ultrasonic cleaners are primarily predestined for use in private use.

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