What are the top B2C startups

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You can be sure that such global players do not cooperate with the start-ups out of altruism. In other words: Anyone who, as a young company, manages to win such important customers must have a good product. You can call it sexy or simply clever. The fact is that B2B companies are also very popular because they offer their customers, the companies, real added value. Celonis, for example, has developed software for process optimization. Customers use the software to make their processes more transparent, more efficient and thus more cost-effective. “Processes are the heart of every company,” explains the man in his mid-twenties. "Every process generates huge amounts of data." The software developed by Celonis summarizes the data, analyzes and visualizes it so that it becomes clear where the processes can be improved. He explains the procedure using a simple process: the loss of the discount because the invoice was not paid on time. "Every year companies lose several million euros because they don't keep the discount," says Rinke. This is a time-consuming and costly weak point in a process. The Celonis software reveals them, names the causes and thus enables the process to be made simpler, faster and more transparent in the future. The same applies to almost all other processes in all areas of a company, regardless of whether they are logistics, purchasing, sales or production.

Perdoo also ensures more transparency in companies. The Berlin start-up has developed a target management platform based on the OKR organizational system. In companies that use the software, not only do all employees know the overarching goals of the company, but also the target agreements broken down into the departments - and to what extent they have been achieved. Purchasing therefore knows what sales are aiming for, while production knows where the marketing is. According to Perdoo founder Jonathan Morrice, this knowledge is used by the management level, but each individual employee is also more motivated, he not only identifies with the company, but also with its objectives - and would implement them accordingly. The motivation boost is worth seven euros per employee per month for companies. For Perdoo, that means income of seven euros per employee per month.