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No more coffee in your own mug: Starbucks, Bakery and McDonald's are taking action

Matthias V. from Berlin gets a coffee almost every day on the way to work. Often his choice falls on a vanilla latte from the coffee giant Starbucks. To save on packaging, the lawyer brings his own coffee mug. But in view of the current uncertainty with the corona virus, the coffee was only available in plastic cups on his last visit. We explain in the video how you can best protect yourself against the coronavirus.

At first there is no disinfectant, then hamster purchases start at the big supermarket chains and now customers have to switch to ordering coffee themselves. The corona virus is spreading more and more in Germany. The uncertainty is great.

Nevertheless, it turns out that consumers are looking for information - and that is a good thing. According to the Robert Koch Institute, information, security and prevention are important tools against the current situation.

CHIP reader Matthias V. contacted the editorial staff a few days ago and wanted to ask whether, due to the current situation, you can no longer get coffee in a mug you brought yourself. He described his personal experience in a Berlin Starbucks branch. The lawyer is a regular customer there. On his last visit, he only got his morning coffee in a plastic cup.

The employees apologized and gave special hygiene requirements as the reason. After all, V. did not have to pay the additional 5 cents fee that has been incurred in many places for plastic cups at Starbucks since the end of 2018. "I think the measure is very good. Was confused at first, however," he said on CHIP.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, there is currently no cause for concern.

Consumers should observe the important hygiene regulations. This includes regular and thorough hand washing. When talking, you should keep a distance of at least one meter and, if you have a coughing fit, extend this distance to at least two meters.

Corporations "monitor the situation"

While discounters are limiting the sale of products to "normal household quantities" for the first time in their history, the large system restaurateurs are observing the situation and working on special measures in the background.

Explained at the request of CHIP Starbucks: "We are currently monitoring the situation and taking precautionary measures to ensure the well-being of our partners, employees and customers." This also means that reusable cups are no longer refilled.

MC Donalds said to our portal: "The health of employees and guests is a top priority for McDonald's. We therefore have hygiene plans in all of our restaurants, the implementation of which is regularly checked."

Burger King observes the current situation. "The health and safety of guests and employees is a top priority for Burger King," it said in a statement. However, individual branches are free to decide whether they "refuse to accept reusable cups as an additional precautionary measure". However, there is no official instruction.

At North Sea the company continues to pay a discount for coffee mugs that you have brought with you. Employees continue to adhere to "strict hygiene regulations" when exchanging. In this way, "direct contact with the guest" and "with the mug you brought yourself" should be avoided.

Of Valora Food Service Germany To which Backwerk and Ditsch belong, it says on request: "In our BackWerken and Ditsch shops the highest hygiene standards are maintained. This includes, among other things, that our counters, surfaces and coffee machines are continuously cleaned and disinfected." Due to the current situation, the decision was made not to accept reusable cups in the Ditsch shops. "However, customers still receive our reusable discount when they show their reusable cup."

This rule does not apply to baked goods, as customers fill their one-way cups or reusable cups they have brought with them themselves.

The press office also points out that, according to the Robert Koch Institute, "a transmission of coronaviruses via inanimate surfaces has not yet been documented."

bakeries have also switched in many places. In Munich, the majority only accept to-go cups.

We have collected the most important information about the coronavirus in our practical tip

What should I pay attention to when ordering coffee now?

Employees at Starbucks, McDonald's, Burger King or Nordsee are already doing it. If consumers also adhere to the hygiene regulations, wash their hands regularly and thoroughly and have thoroughly cleaned the reusable cups, there is no need to worry.

Nevertheless, consumers must also show understanding if an employee refuses to accept reusable cups. Due to the special situation, customers can still ask whether they will receive the cup bonus or the discount. Usually this is between 5 and 20 cents.

Incidentally, quick service restaurants and fast food giants have been able to refuse reusable cups in certain cases for years. For example if the cup is dirty or damaged.

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