How popular is Wix

“The premium packages offer everything you need to build a great website without having to code. Even the most expensive package is thousands of euros cheaper than a designer. "

Wix lets you create and publish as many websites as you want for free. But if you opt for real service, we recommend the premium packages.

What plans does Wix offer?

Wix offers a free plan and five paid plans that cost € 4.08- € 24.50 per month. The higher the package, the more functions are activated. For example, Wix removes its ads from your website and offers you a free domain.

Let's take a quick look at what to expect from each of the packages:

The higher the package, the more functions, design templates, apps and support you can use. Simply more of everything! And the longer you register, the cheaper your package will be. If you prepay a one- or two-year package, you can save between 25% and 43% per year. You can find out more about this in our Wix Price Rating.

Is a Wix Premium Plan good value for money?

We'd say four of the five packages are great value for money. (The cheapest ones to ignore, we'll explain why.)

With VIP, Unlimited, and Combo, Wix gives you a free, unique domain (web address) of your choice.

If you only bought one domain name, you would have to pay at least € 10 a month.

Even without all of the other Wix features, the free domain and covered web hosting will save you a ton of money. So these packages look pretty generous.

Wix's prices (excluding eCommerce) also do well when compared to the competition. Weebly's highest package costs € 33, the VIP package from Wix only € 24.50. At Squarespace, the packages cost € 11- € 36, which is quite expensive.

Plus, Wix will save you a lot of time. To create a website from scratch with WordPress, you would have to do the hosting, security, tools, design and SEO (search engine optimization) yourself. And you would have to learn how to program!

Which Wix Package Is Right For You?

You can safely ignore Wix Connect Domain for € 4.08. It doesn't even remove the Wix ads. The next higher package Combo for € 8.25 is better. You will get 2 GB of bandwidth and all Wix branding will be removed.

For the very best value for any non-retail site, choose Wix Unlimited ($ 12.41 / month).

The Unlimited plan doesn't limit bandwidth, so you can upload as much content and receive as many visitors to your website as you want. It also includes the best SEO and form builder apps from Wix.

If you want to sell online, we recommend Business Unlimited ($ 25 per month). This package is packed with sales and marketing features, and you can sell an unlimited number of physical or digital products.

Regardless of which premium plan you choose, Wix gives you the option to choose again within the first two weeks with a full refund. So you have nothing to lose.

“For € 12.41, Unlimited offers excellent value for money compared to other building blocks and the cheaper packages from Wix itself. However, to sell online, you need Wix eCommerce. Keep Wix VIP in mind as your website grows. "

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