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Quora: Hackers loot more than 100 million records

According to its own information, the Quora questioning portal recently discovered that unauthorized access to its own database had been gained and almost all of the content of the platforms, including user data, had been copied.

Hackers steal user data from Quora

The attackers succeeded in taking over and copying Quora's database. The information stolen also includes the account details of the users, including their name, email address, password in encrypted form and the imported data linked from other networks, if the user has approved this. In addition, other information such as question content and actions, answer questions, negative reviews and direct messages were stolen.

Only the anonymously written questions and answers are not affected by the hack, as the identity of the people who publish anonymous content is not stored in Quora at all.

Affected users will be notified by email

Every affected Quora user will be informed of the data theft via a separate email. Not all users are said to be affected by the hack, and precise details of how many data records are involved have not been given. In addition, the risk of identity theft due to the stolen data is said to be rather low, as Quora does not store any personal data such as credit card details or social security numbers.

The company claims to have learned of the problems for the first time on November 30, 2018 and initiated appropriate countermeasures and an investigation. Quora has notified law enforcement agencies and engaged its own digital forensics and security company to assist the company with the investigation. How the attackers got into the system is still completely unclear.

Change of password is recommended

Quora recommends that all users change the password they use. It is also suggested not to use the same password for other services. If the password has nevertheless been used for other services, these passwords should also be changed.

The passwords of the Quora users were hashed with Salt and saved on the servers, so there is no direct danger from fast password decryption.