Can Jungkook BTS speak English

Krass: This is how the guys from BTS learned English!

BTS is now revealing a really cool secret. Until now, hardly anyone knew how the Bangtan Boys actually taught themselves English.

What a spectacular week for BTS. After starring alongside greats like Shawn Mendes, Jared Leto and Selena Gomez at the 2017 AMAs, they were now also guests on the Ellen Show. Here the audience went crazy like never before and showed how popular the boys are in America too. K-Pop is no longer only widespread in Asia, but is known all over the world. In the interview, the singers also gave private insights into their lives. Rap Monster chatted a little out of the box.

Rap Monster teaches himself English!

After this gig almost everyone knows the song "DNA", "Mic Drop" or the album "Love Yourself". BTS, who were doing all the shows in America, were not only there for their music, but also to talk a little bit about themselves. Rap Monster revealed a cool detail from his childhood. He taught himself English with the series "Friends" because his mother got him all the seasons on DVD. It's really cool that one of the most successful series helped him learn a new language. In the interview you can clearly see that he speaks English fairly well. We are excited to see what we will soon learn about Jungkook, Jimin, V, J-Hope, Suga and Kim Seokjin.