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Netflix - Last Chance: You have to part with these films and series in May 2021


Netflix will delete numerous titles in May 2021. This month, the streaming service is removing, among other things, the feature films "Madagascar" and "Hangover" from its offer.

  • On May 14th, 2021 you have to say goodbye to both the action film "Gladiator" and the war film "Inglourious Basterds".
  • On May 18th, 2021 the horror comedy "Slaughterhouse Rulez" will be deleted. It is about an elite boarding school near a fracking construction site.
  • The dramedy "Friends with Money" will be removed from the program on May 19, 2021. In the film, Jennifer Aniston plays a former teacher.

The streaming service Netflix is ​​constantly changing the program it offers. Films and series for which the streaming service no longer has the necessary licenses are regularly deleted. If you want to know which titles will soon disappear from the program, there is an extra category on the website.

You can also find the deletion date of the titles in question in the "Details" tab. When the title concerned is played, a short message is also displayed if a deleted date is already known. The WhatsOnFlix? however, it offers a better overview. There you can see the expiring series and films at a glance.


With "WhatsOnFlix?" see what's going on on Netflix. The smartphone app keeps you up-to-date on which films and series have been added and which are about to expire. The software is available free of charge for iOS and Android.

If you don't want to install an additional app, you will find the right information in an overview from us. Our tables tell you at a glance which series and films will soon be deleted.

Netflix will delete these series in May 2021

Several series will be deleted from the offer in May 2021. Among other things, it hits the doctor series "Dr. Klein". But numerous children's series are also removed. These include "Insectibles" and "Zoé's magic closet". Below you will find all series that will soon be deleted and their respective deletion date.

date seriesSeason
14.05.2021Learning with Timmy1
18.05.2021The magic school bus1
25.05.2021Dr. Small1-4
30.05.2021Robin Hood: Rascal from Sherwood1
30.05.2021Zoé's magic closet2
31.05.2021The Titan Games1
09.06.2021LEGO Friends: Friends can do anything1-2
Netflix will delete these series

Netflix will delete these films in May 2021

In May 2021, Netflix will also remove numerous films from its program. So you have to part with the children's film "Madagascar" and the sci-fi film "Star Trek Into Darkness". In addition, parts 2 and 3 of the comedy series "Hangover" will be deleted. All other films including the deletion date can be found in the following table.

14.05.2021Rico, Oskar and the theft stone
14.05.2021Inglourious Basterds
14.05.2021Fight the devil
14.05.2021Role models?!
15.05.2021Follow me
18.05.2021Slaughterhouse Rulez
19.05.2021Friends with Money
20.05.2021Class reunion 1.0
25.05.2021Little man
26.05.2021Escape room
28.05.2021Late Night - The Show of a Lifetime
31.05.2021The fear of the 13th
31.05.2021Watchmen - The Guardians
31.05.2021Star Trek Into Darkness
31.05.2021Christmas in Alaska
31.05.2021Planet of the Apes: Survival
31.05.2021Black Man White Skin
31.05.2021Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
31.05.2021Super 8
31.05.2021The cartel
31.05.2021Love is a story
31.05.2021#Selfie 69
31.05.2021Hangover 2
31.05.2021hangover 3
31.05.2021The Heroes of Evil
31.05.2021Beach Rats
31.05.2021The Way We Dance
31.05.2021Case 39
31.05.2021Christmas ball in wonderland
31.05.2021Christmas as you wish
31.05.2021Anacleto: Secret agent
31.05.2021Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
31.05.2021Sexual intellicenge
02.06.2021Cartel Land
02.06.2021The 24 Hour War
02.06.2021Full of Normaaal!
03.06.2021White Boy Rick
04.06.2021Eighth grade
05.06.2021The Republic of Imbaba
05.06.2021The Mule
05.06.2021From Japan to Egypt
05.06.2021Step Outside
05.06.2021The Thief and the Imbecile
05.06.2021Freezer's Campaign
05.06.2021Ms. Mammy
05.06.2021Samir on the air
05.06.2021It's okay, buddy
05.06.2021Best neighbors
07.06.2021A new kind of capitalism
09.06.2021Black snow
09.06.2021LEGO Ninjago: Happy Birthday
09.06.2021LEGO Friends: Happy Birthday
10.06.2021Q ball
11.06.2021Don't crack under pressure
11.06.2021Don't Crack Under Pressure - Season 2
11.06.2021Don't Crack Under Pressure - Season 3
11.06.2021Cut off
11.06.2021Addicted to Life
Netflix will delete these movies.

Netflix: These titles will soon be disappearing from the offer

Netflix keeps removing series and films from streaming. You can find out which titles will soon be disappearing in the gallery.

    Netflix: These series have been canceled

    The series and films mentioned above are mostly deleted due to expiring streaming licenses. However, the in-house productions of Netflix are usually retained by the streaming platform, but are not always continued. In our linked article you can find out which Netflix series have been canceled so far.

    Should you still need inspiration for your next binge marathon, you can take a look at the new releases from Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. If you want to know which titles are being removed from the Amazon Prime Video program, you can also find out from us. In addition, we will inform you about the costs of Netflix and the Netflix codes with which you can access the various genres of the streaming service.

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