Pentecost is a cult

Young and old celebrated the original cult open air at Whitsun

Weilheim. Rock in all its variations could be heard once more in Weilheim on the weekend of Pentecost. Rock fans enjoyed the 17th cult-great open air together. The event of the multigenerational house Linde and the Teck cultural initiative in Weilheim celebrated a successful start on Friday evening. The enthusiastic audience cheered the bands on stage. Fans greeted the first band "x²", which is part of the traditional open air prelude, with loud choir singing. Dance interludes and - voluntary - beer showers followed with the appearance of the second band. The exuberant mood of both the band and the audience that was already prevalent at this point continued through the Whitsun weekend.

A total of 17 bands heated up the festival visitors on three evenings until late at night. As the evening wore on, darkness fell and the temperature dropped, the tent filled up more and more. The crowd in the tent also seemed to have a positive effect on the mood of the guests.

Despite the exuberant atmosphere, safety always came first. Even with wild dance interludes and mosh pits, not only did the dancers help each other, security guards were also available to intervene immediately if necessary.

Since Friday afternoon, die-hard festival visitors have been able to spend the night on the campsite directly on the festival site. Despite the rain and cold night temperatures, most of the rock fans spent the long weekend in tents on the meadow.

In addition to well-known headliners such as the "V8Wankers" on Friday, the British "Templeton Pek" on Saturday and "Rantanplan" on Sunday, new bands such as the three winners of the competition that took place in the run-up to the open air, "Wild Garlic" , “Rising Flames” and “Roll on the Holidays”, the opportunity to perform.

The focus of the band selection was on regional artists from Kirchheim and the wider area. Bands like “Devil’s Degression” and “Apetown” come from Kirchheim, “Stahlmagen” from Göppingen and “Shotgun Express” and “Ruby Shock” from Stuttgart.

From pop-rock to rock'n'roll, punk and alternative to death metal, the audience could hear a wide range of music. The planned playing time frame of the individual bands could not be kept due to loud encores from the festival-goers, as they played after each band.

But there was also music for the slightly older generation and the youngest. Sunday started at 11 a.m. with a veal sausage breakfast. For this purpose, the dance floor had been lined up with benches and tables the previous evenings.

For the fourth time, the "Original Dettinger Hohlwegrutscher" played this year at the cult-Ur Open Air in front of a mixed crowd. Not only did the actual target audience of the Hohlwegrutscher come to the open air for a morning pint, the little ones also celebrated.

The “Boarian shaker”, in which the rhythm and melody was provided with beer crates, was characteristic of the entire festival: die-hard rock fans and musicians made the beer crates ring out along with the downhill slides. Whether young or old, whether rock or folk music - the audience celebrated together throughout the weekend and ensured a successful event.