Has your child ever done anything inappropriate?

Translation of "hat Ihr Mann" in English

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did your husband
Does your husband no relationships with other women at all?
Does your husband Ever given you jewelry?
Does your husband ever exhibited similar behavior before?
Mrs. Bundy, did your husband ever ... showed empathy for fat women?
Does your husband something against your work?
Does your husband made any record of who he helped?
So who has her husband sold the car?
Ilsa ... Does your husband Have you ever cheated?
Why did your husband tried to kill you?
Does your husband leave all his money to Erich and you?
What did your husband You actually told about Jackie Brown?
Does your husband ever spoken to you about his work as a prosecutor?
Does your husband Have you seen you dance like a gypsy?
Why did your husband leave the "Daichan" after 30 years?
Margaret what has her husband exactly said about the oil?
Does your husband says I'm helping him with his case?
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