How can I advertise without money

No budget marketing - advertising without money

Those who want to become self-employed usually have a low budget. Especially in the start-up phase of a company, advertising and customer acquisition are very important, which of course requires funds. A company that has neither customers nor orders can therefore find it difficult to gain a foothold in the market without advertising. That would mean that without money there is almost no chance. Or maybe not? No budget marketing enables small businesses with little or no money to get noticed. But how will that work?

The aim of no budget marketing is to advertise without spending any money. It is quite feasible, but it requires time and perseverance. No budget marketing can be carried out particularly effectively by establishing contacts via networks. Typically for this is of course Facebook, where you can run pages for free or establish and maintain contacts in various groups. Anyone who wants to advertise for free on Facebook is well advised to make their content as interesting as possible and not advertise. The goal should be to inspire users with posts! In this way you arouse the interest of the user and already have a foot in the door. If you already have a lot of Facebook friends, you can of course encourage them to like the post or share the page in order to reach more people.

How do I get my first customers without money?

But no budget marketing can only be done with Facebook. Especially when it comes to picking up older target groups or more traditional companies, you probably won't find the right solution in social media tools.

In order for No Budget Marketing to be carried out efficiently, it is important to find the ideal sales strategy for your products. Combined with the right marketing tool, with a bit of luck, you will soon be able to write your first invoices. The difficulty, however, is that in most cases the optimal strategy is not apparent at the beginning. You should approach the matter and try out different approaches.

Be creative!

In addition to maintaining or building up the network of contacts, creativity is particularly important in No Budget Marketing! A well-designed website and business cards are the most important identification bases and should exude professionalism. Take your time and look after it so that you can leave a lasting impression on the prospect.

Do you have acquaintances who are website operators, bloggers or journalists? Make use of these valuable contacts! With backlinks or feature stories you can achieve awareness with little effort. You should be grateful for this and, if necessary, offer something in return. Make sure that the distinguishing features of your product are sufficiently highlighted in such posts.

What is important?

To underline it again: Your network of contacts is the be-all and end-all of no budget marketing. Existing networks should be maintained and expanded: enter into partnerships and optimize your public relations. When building a network, as many interested parties as possible must be reached quickly. It is important to publish content tailored to the target group. If you have won your first customers and provided them with good service, ideally new orders arise on the basis of recommendations.


No budget marketing is not possible without contacts. It is advisable to try out different channels and strategies in order to find the ideal solution for marketing the product or service. Take your time: If you want to be successful, you have to compensate for what you have saved in terms of time.