How can we learn English without grammar

10 tips to really improve your English!

  1. Apps
  2. In Great Britain
  3. Songs
  4. Podcasts
  5. Television broadcasts
  6. Movies
  7. Youtube
  8. Books
  9. news
  10. tandem

1. Improve English with apps

Improve your English comfortably anywhere and anytime with your smartphone. Meanwhile there are countless appsthat bring you closer to the language with interactive lessons and thus give you the joy of learning. Improving your English almost works by itself. This allows you to make great progress quickly and independently. Whether on the train, in your free hours or when you're out and about. The lessons are tailored to your needs.


2. Improve English in the UK

The best way to improve your language skills is and stays one stay abroad. Only there you come in Contact with native speakers, only there you will speak English permanently and learn to cope with everyday life in this language. There are already opportunities to gain experience abroad during your school days, for example through a school exchange or a year abroad. After graduation, you also have the opportunity to sign up for a Studied in Great Britain to decide. England, for example, has a large selection of universities to offer, including the world-renowned universities in Oxford and Cambridge. And in addition to a lot of culture and sights, as a graduate of a British university you not only get a significantly higher salary, but you are guaranteed to be able to speak English fluently.

3. Listen carefully to English songs

Do you have English-language songs in a loop? Then don't just listen to the melody and beat, but pay more attention to the text. If certain words keep coming up but you don't know them or can't understand them acoustically, read the lyrics online and translate them. So next time you can't just dance to the songs but also sing along with the newly learned vocabulary.

4. Follow English podcasts

Whether English-language news, advice or even criminal cases - you can listen to all of this as free podcasts on the Internet or on your smartphone while on the move and improve your listening skills.

Popular podcasts are currently:

5. Watch TV programs in the original English language

What could be better than watching TV while expanding your English vocabulary? The TV channel Nickelodeon will broadcast the evening program "Nicknight" from 9 pm Series like "Catfish: The TV Show", "Zoey 101", "Victorious", "iCarly", "Faking It", "Awkward" or "Unfabulous" and offers the possibility to switch the audio to the original.

The American late night show "The Tonight Show" (NBC), in which internationally successful actors and musicians Jimmy Fallon's questions and entertainment games, can also take part on the ONE channel from Monday to Friday from 11 p.m. can be followed in the original sound and optionally with German subtitles.

The well-known ones can also be received free of charge on German television English language news channels CNN and BBC.

You can also watch programs in the original sound with streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

6. Films for learning English

To improve understanding, it also helps to Films in English watch. The combination of picture and sound makes it easy to understand vocabulary or phrases. It is normal to be a little overwhelmed at the beginning and mainly to see the images in order to understand the plot. Then it can be an advantage to set the English subtitle so that you can read some of the utterances.

Often certain phrases and vocabulary are repeated in the statements of a character. So the vocabulary expands after a short time and also unconsciously understanding a native English speaker is no longer difficult.

You can find many films, for example, on providers such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

7. Improve your language skills with YouTube

The video platform YouTube can not only be used for entertainment purposes, but also specifically for the development of listening comprehension and the expansion of the vocabulary. Videos in which English speakers act are particularly effective. Talk shows are particularly well suited for this, as the sound quality is always good and the communication partners speak with natural slang, but also clearly and distinctly.

The most successful American and British talk shows include "Jimmy Kimmel Live", "The Ellen Show", "The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon", "The Late Night Show with James Cordon" and "The Graham Norton Show". Up-to-date with the TV broadcasts, the related articles appear on YouTube almost at the same time.

If you already feel confident in using the English language, videos from English YouTubers can be followed, as background noises or the individual pronunciations no longer represent a hurdle for understanding.

8. Read English books

What is essential to be able to gain new language skills? Reading, of course. But don't worry, it doesn't have to be as boring as it was in school. Because it's much more effective when you choose a book that suits your interests. So: just pick up an English book of your favorite genre instead of a German one.

At first, reading the story in English may feel unfamiliar, but the more often you turn to a foreign language bookthe easier it is for you.

Reading tips:

  • Look up only vocabulary that is either essential to understanding the story or that is used repeatedly by the author. Sometimes vocabulary opens up in direct context or in the course of the story.
  • Is it too difficult for you to start directly with an English book? Then you can also use English "learning books", which have small lists of vocabulary at the bottom of the page, but which otherwise do not differ from other novels.

9. Follow English news portals

Reading English news also has a positive effect on language skills. Set up an English news portal as the start page of your Internet browser or install a newsapps on your smartphone. This way you can improve your English on the side and you are also always well informed. Trustworthy news portals include The Guardian, Huffington Post, and the New York Times.

10. Try tandem

Another good idea: Find a tandem partner with whom you can communicate in writing or orally. The advantage for those involved in a "tandem relationship" is that both of them teach each other a desired language or help each other to improve it.

The best tandem partners are native speakers: They can communicate in the respective foreign language, correct each other's mistakes, give tips and have great conversations in front of different cultural backgrounds.

There are some portals on the Internet that arrange tandem partners, but you will also find what you are looking for at the university or in tutoring institutes.

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