Who is richer Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark

Which superhero is richer? Fans have been calculating the salaries of Batman, Iron Man, and others

Batman and Iron Man can now be called some of the most popular superheroes in the world, although unlike many other characters, they do not have incredible abilities. On the other hand, they run high-income businesses, which allows them to use the latest technology.

Fans have long argued about who is the richest comic book hero. A new study by Vanquis Bank revealed who is among the 24 richest characters in Marvel and DC comics. The study authors used the average salary data for the heroes' professions given the city they live in. And if this is a fictional city made of comics, then its real analog has been taken.

There were no discoveries - Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, took first place with a personal income of nearly $ 1 million a year. In second place, which is also unsurprising - Tony Stark with a salary of $ 920,000 a year. The third was Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) with $ 894 thousand.

Interestingly, all of the other characters get significantly less. Doctor Strange rose to fourth place as a top neurosurgeon with a salary of nearly $ 400,000. Ant-Man Makes Least Profits: In an official job, and this is an ice cream parlor, Scott Lang would earn $ 18.5 thousand a year. Student Peter Parker (Spider-Man) also earns a little more and earns a salary as a freelance photographer.

When comparing the richest superheroes DC and Marvel, the latter team loses slightly - $ 78,000 versus $ 71,000. Full graphs and statistics can be found here.

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