What does suck mean


to suck vb 'Draw in liquid with lips and tongue', ahd.sūgan (8th century), mhd.mnd.sūgen, asächs.aengl.sūgan, mnl.sūghen, nl.zuigen, anord.sūga, schwed.suga (Germ. * sūgan) and the related formations with -k- such as aengl.sūcan, engl.to suck, aengl.socian, engl.to soak 'to be soaked, percolate', mhd.suc, soc 'suckling, suckling time, juice' are with lat .sūgere 'suck', sūcus 'juice', kymr.sugno 'juice' (and maybe also lett.sūkt 'suck') to a guttural extension (ie. * seug-, * sūg- or * seuk-, * sūk- ) who drink under (see d.) specified onomatopoeic root ie. * seu-, * seu̯ə-, * sū- ‘let drip, slurp, suck’, to which aind.sunṓti ‘squeezes out, presses’ can be put. Sog m. ‘Sucking current’ (18th century), from nd.Sog, nl. Drawn ‘wake’, a word in sailor's language, cf. mnd.soch ‘sucking in’. to suck vb Ugen sucking in small strokes ’, sucking down the iterative formation (suggeln, 14th century, sucking out, 15th century). Infant with ‘small child’, late mhd.sūgelinc.