Who is Kim Taehyung's crush


Jungkook pov

Today is my eighteenth birthday which I will celebrate tonight. A lot of my friends will come, I've been planning this since last year, and somehow my best friend was able to force my crush to come too. Yes, exactly my crush is Kim Taehyung. He is so to say the most popular student in our school, who would not like him, he is big and good-natured so to me I am unpopular not good at school and smoke a lot so better said a bad boy.

I've been smoking for 3 months, it comes from stress. It's also very harmful at my age, but I just can't stop it, it attracts me.

Fortunately today is Saturday and can sleep in until my mother comes back from work. I'm really looking forward to tonight because I'll meet my best friend.

It was very difficult for me to convince my mother because she has something against Jimin, she always thinks that he is bad for me since we were little, she said that he is pulling me the wrong way even though that is not true. I started smoking on my own - she can't just interfere with our friendship.

After an eternity, I got out of bed and checked my cell phone first. I noticed that it was almost noon, how quickly the time flies. I could already hear the noises in the kitchen that means that my mother is already at home, so I went to the bathroom to take a shower first.
After a while, I first got dressed, brushed my teeth, then styled my hair.

Today I wanted to meet with Jimin and Yoongi. Fortunately, my best friend is also hip at school and is good friends with Taehyung that he tells me every day when he says something about me.

After a while I was finished, I put on my leather jacket and grabbed my cell phone to finally go outside.
It was a bit windy because it was also in the middle of autumn.

When I arrived I could see my best friend from afar, he was small and had pink hair. "Hey! Jimin how are you! Long time no more" Jimin rolled his eyes "Wow, I was only sick for 1 week and think it was a long time ago" I had to grin a bit because if he gets upset often he is cute to his body Size.

Yoongi arrived after a few minutes, I don't know him that long ago we had recently met in a bar he had lent me his weed when I needed it so badly. After a while we got along well.

"Tell me who is this little one?" Yoongi asked, looking at Jimin. "This is my old buddy Park Jimin doesn't wonder his body size because he's older than me" I grinned playfully and Jimin gave me a hard slap on my shoulder I just couldn't stand the laugh. Yoongi still had his cold look but then you could see the slight smile on his lips. "Anyway and who are you?" Jimin said a little annoyed and looked at Yoongi, "Min Yoongi" he said a while after Jimin was finished patterning him.

After we talked for a long time, we were walking around town when Jimin pulled my elbow and pointed his finger at a guy, "Kookie! Look there is Taehyung!" After he said that I looked there immediately and you could see the black haired "yes! It's him" I said it a bit loudly and Yoongi looked at both of us confused "What are you looking forward to so that's only human "he said, rolling his eyes" Not only human, he's Kookie's little crush, he's in love with him and very much, "said Jimin with a grin and nudged my arm with his elbow and I blushed slightly.

"Then go to him and try to have a chat with him, he's coming to your birthday party after all," said Yoongi with a slight grin and I didn't dare to talk to him without stuttering. I'm usually never like that, I'm the emo guy and I'm not into cheesy stuff, but Kim Taehyung just drives me crazy.

Jimin just pulled me into the shop where Taehyung is with his friends, he always hangs out with Baekhyun and Bogum although he could have more friends, after all, he's very popular too.

Yoongi came after us too, you could tell that he didn't feel like interfering with something like that and just looked at the shop when Jimin just went to Taehyung without telling me "Hey Tae, what a coincidence you are to meet here "said the little dwarf whom I could like to hit him.
Taehyung gave his slight smile that always makes my heart beat faster and looked at me for a moment I could just faint "I know you but you have a party tonight, what's your name Jungwoo?" Outsch that hurt me a bit but it gave me a little courage and said it with a more serious look "Jungkook my name is Jeon Jungkook" I said coldly.

Taehyung gave himself a facepalm and laughed "oh I'm sorry, I'm really bad at remembering names" I sighed and looked down how can he even like me if he doesn't even know my name exactly, he certainly didn't even know if I exist.

Jimin just pushed me at Taehyung and then had to quack loudly in surprise when ...


Hi! This is my very first fanfiction, it may be that it is just not that good enough, but I've tried hard and will try to make several stories. I hope that you enjoy my fanfiction something that I would be happy ^ - ^