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Vegan diet and vegan lifestyle

Stina Spiegelberg

Ten reasons for the vegan lifestyle

There is much to be said for a diet without any animal products. And you often need arguments because others dismiss veganism as a fashion phenomenon. Stina Spiegelberg introduces you to ten reasons for the vegan lifestyle.
1. For your health.
Vegans are less overweight and have a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes. Even a partially plant-based diet several days a week has a positive effect on your health.
(Recommended books: The China Study - T. Collin Campbell; How not to die - Micheal Greger)

2. Save your environment.
Meat requires 200 times the area of ‚Äč‚Äčarable and pasture land as vegetable food and 150 times the amount of water. This results in nine times more emissions per kilogram of meat. The deforestation of the rainforest for pasture and forage cultivation is only one of the global problems. With only one veggie day per week, you are not only doing something for yourself, but also helping to preserve the earth.

3. For the animals.
With a production of over five million tons of pork and almost a billion chicken per year, factory farming predominates in Germany. If one compares the requirements of the DE organic regulation, they hardly deviate from the generally applicable regulations. Whether meat or cheese, the animals live in factory farming and not (as the advertising shows) on the green meadow. Those who treat their environment carefully and respectfully switch to plant-based foods.

4. Against world hunger.
Plants grown as animal feed are considered staple foods in many countries. Due to the high animal feed prices, however, it is no longer possible for locals to pay for basic food. In addition, most animal feed is grown in monocultures, which destroys the soil in the long term. Eating a plant-based diet instead of consuming meat could provide ten times the amount of calories and protein required for a healthy diet.

5. Cheaper than you think.
If you compare the nutrient intake of the same amount of cooked lentils, beans or spinach with meat, the results are amazing. With the same quality of organic ingredients, the nutrient density (mg / 100kcal) in plant-based staple foods is significantly higher.

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6. Experience taste.
Switching to a plant-based diet will refine your sense of taste. Many people discover the vegan way of life for reasons of taste. Experiment with simple to unusual spices and let your enjoyment run free. Try your way through the collection of recipes from Every Food Counts and Taste the Diversity.

7. Try new things.
The vegan way of life harbors new discoveries when it comes to foods that are already known or even spared. Fantastic sensations can be prepared in no time from lentils, beets and potatoes. The Opportunity to take time again for your meal and to prepare it yourself.

8. Make contacts.
Vegan connects. Anyone who is considerate and questioning has a topic of conversation in the group. Vegans often share a similar worldview and are therefore on good terms with one another. See the change in diet as an opportunity to make new contacts.

9. Because it's easy.
Whether on the organic supermarket shelf, in the supermarket or in the drugstore - the counters lure with vegan seals and labels. In the meantime, you can even get a vegan foccacia at the gas station. Try the plant-based lifestyle for a week and you will quickly see that it is a lot more difficult to imagine than it actually is.

10. They show how it is done.
Role models can now be found among the popular starlets and athletes en masse. Whether Alec Baldwin, Bill Clinton, Brendan Brazier, Mike Tyson, Anthony Kiedis or Alicia Silverstone: Stars show how easy it is to vegan and call on people to follow the hip lifestyle for a sustainable world.