How should companies use Snapchat

5 reasons companies should use Snapchat as a marketing tool

“I'm far too old for Snapchat” - I've heard this sentence many times when I wanted to make the photo app appealing to friends or colleagues. If I then say that it was my younger sister who brought me to Snapchat has brought, the cliché is finally confirmed. But the app with the white ghost, in which photos disappear again after ten seconds, is by far not only something for the target group “14-25 years”. In Germany, their potential is still underestimated, especially by companies that prefer to concentrate on their Facebook profile. Undoubtedly, this is also a way to reach your fans - but is it still the best? There are at least five good reasons why it is worthwhile for companies to look at Snapchat from a marketing perspective. By the way: In Cindy's article you can read again what exactly Snapchat is.

1. The disseminated photos are definitely present

In order to see the content of other users on Snapchat, you have to actively add them via the username. This usually only happens if you are really interested in this content. You then have to actively click on the story or the photo received so that it is displayed. For companies, the advantage is obvious: those who add me are interested in what I spread. The photos may not be lost as they are on Facebook or Instagram because the user simply scrolls through the feed.

2. It doesn't have to be perfect

With Snapchat there are numerous ways to "beautify" the photos you have taken. Text can be added in the classic way, but it is also possible to paint on it - it looks something like paint.
FC Bayern Basketball (Snapchat: fcbbasketball) is a good example. The club uses Snapchat a lot at home games and, above all, in a very humorous way. Because, and that's the bottom line: Snapchat doesn't have to be perfect. After all, the photos are only online for a maximum of 24 hours anyway, after which nobody asks what was the last to be seen. As a company, you can make good use of this short life and simply try something out and see how the reactions are.


3. Snapchat shows real life and is therefore very authentic

To add photos to a story or send to someone directly, only a new picture or video can be taken. It is not possible to upload something from the gallery, then edit and send it accordingly. Snapchat therefore shows situations very real! The app is therefore very well suited for companies that want to show their fans their everyday office life, for example, in order to become a little closer through such "behind-the-scenes snaps". Users don't want to see anything artificial, they want to see reality, one-to-one, as it is. This is exactly what Snapchat makes possible.

4. Snapchat offers real-time reporting

Content can be shared immediately on Snapchat - and users can experience everything in real time. Since content can only be online for 24 hours, fans are also tempted to check regularly for updates so that they don't miss anything. Especially
The app is therefore also suitable for reporting on larger events: This enables users who cannot be there live to participate in the event anyway. Snapchat itself offers the function of so-called "live stories". There you can find all snaps from people who are there and want to share their experience via Snapchat, for example at major sporting events such as the Superbowl or international soccer games. As a company, you can transfer this concept to your own account and use it for yourself at events.


5. Snapchat enables special types of interaction

No pictures can be commented on, liked or shared on Snapchat. This opens up completely new possibilities for this! For example, a company with an online shop can publish a discount code there, which users can then use in the shop. As an addition, anyone who takes a screenshot of it could automatically take part in a competition or something similar. Alternatively, a story could be started on Snapchat, indicating that it would continue on the website. These are just two examples of how companies can interact with their fans on Snapchat, the possibilities of course go much further.


So it turns out: There are also some reasons for companies to use Snapchat as a marketing tool. Of course, the app is not suitable for directing traffic to your own website, for example, like a Facebook post or an advertisement - but it shouldn't necessarily be. It is a good opportunity to anchor yourself in the minds of your own fans and to be always present there. And who doesn't want that?

Lea Giltjes was an intern with us until 2016 and supported the SEA department. Apart from that, she is interested in everything that has to do with basketball and especially the Telekom Baskets Bonn.