Which office chair is used at Apple

The Pacific Chair: Apple's office chair for the new headquarters

The side notes that we receive from Apple's new headquarters, Apple Park, which has 12,000 employees, are almost always slightly bizarre.

From the specially designed Apple pizza boxes, which will help employees in the future to transport fresh pizza from the in-house canteen, to the so-called employee pods.

Separate rooms, which are intended to serve as a place of work and retreat for Apple employees, are equipped with adjustable work surfaces, can be soundproofed and have a reduced interior.

Now Cliff Kuang draws attention to another detail of the new Apple headquarters that could interest all office workers who are reading along here and who are responsible for setting up their workplaces: the Pacific Chair.

Pacific Chair costs around 1000 euros

Apple places its employees on the Pacific Chair by British product designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.

The chair, which costs around 1000 euros in retail depending on its equipment features, stands in front of all work surfaces in the new Apple Campus and is sold by the furniture manufacturer Vitra. This informs:

The Pacific Chair by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for Vitra is a contemporary office swivel chair - the chair was launched in 2016 - of design clarity, mechanical precision and impressive comfort. The market launch of the Pacific Chair was immediately crowned with success, because Vitra has found a number of well-known customers among the tech giants on the US west coast.

Like us, you will be amazed by the ergonomic advantages of the chair, because the seating furniture can be adapted to your personal ergonomic needs thanks to the many adjustment options. The chair stands on a stable 5-star base made of polished aluminum or deep black plastic and, depending on the version, has height-adjustable armrests. The backrest can be locked in an upright position; The seat depth and height can also be adjusted. The highlight of the Pacific Chair, however, is the synchronous mechanism with automatic weight adjustment and manual fine adjustment of the backrest counterforce in 5 levels.