Dominos Pizza is considered an Italian food

Crash into the bottomlessness - Domino's Pizza Berlin Tempelhof

We have eaten there several times in the past few years and we are always very satisfied.
What we now had to experience there (there should have been a change of ownership in the meantime), however, defies description. Admittedly, it was Saturday evening and the restaurant was very busy. But does that mean that you have to set up so many additional tables and chairs that not even the waiters could get to the seats because there was no more space between the rows? Due to the narrow space in the restaurant and the associated noise level, conversations at the table were actually impossible.
The food was delivered in a suspiciously short time after the order was placed.
Regarding the dishes: the mixed grill ordered contained, among other things, a lamb chop on which - only recognizable with a magnifying glass - there were small remains of meat, which were then also of very poor quality. The pizza mista was covered with a thick layer of simple dry spices and was otherwise miles away from the quality that we were used to in previous years. Most of the other guests at our table were also anything but satisfied with the food. As a precaution, we have therefore avoided the desserts that were always ordered in the past.
The negative highlight, however, came at the end. When the first two guests left the table shortly after dinner, a waiter rushed up, asked us to move closer together and placed the table that had become vacant in a small aisle gap next to us, so that no one could reach the coat hooks there. Although there were still drinks on the table, for me this action was tantamount to a planned expulsion.

Conclusion: It used to be a really good Italian - now only a restaurant calibrated for low-quality mass processing, although most of the canteens still look cozy. Therefore we will never enter this restaurant again.