How can a working parent do homeschool

Lockdown: What are the rights of working parents

Colleagues with young children should stay home as a precaution. Can the employer order this?

Michael Eckert: The employer can also release employees without a specific suspicion of infection, i.e. as a pure precautionary measure. In this case, the employee does not have to work and the salary continues to run normally during the time off. However, both sides can agree that during this time, for example, overtime will be reduced or vacation taken or the time off will be reworked later or worked in the home office.

We drove across the country on Christmas vacation to visit the family. Can my boss ask me where we went on vacation?

Michael Eckert: As part of the statutory duty of care, the employer is obliged to protect his employees from health hazards in the workplace. Due to this duty of care, he currently has the exceptional right to ask employees whether they have been in corona risk areas. You don't have to tell the boss exactly where you are, you just have to tell whether you were in a risk area or not.

What if the boss doesn't ask? Are employees then obliged to report that they have been in a corona risk area or have had contact with infected people?

Michael Eckert: Yes. Employees must report immediately if they have been in locations that are officially classified as risk areas or if they have had contact with people who are or have been infected with the corona virus. In the meantime, there is even an obligation to stay in quarantine at home independently, even if you have no symptoms of the disease. But which responsible person would consciously withhold such a fact in view of the enormously high risk of infection?

Can the employer request a medical certificate that my family is corona-free?

Michael Eckert: In suspected cases, the employer can request such a certificate, but only from the employee himself. A suspected case exists, for example, if the employee shows cold symptoms or was exposed to an increased risk of infection, for example because he was in high-risk areas or had contact with infected people. Until the test results are available, the employer can request that the employee concerned work in the home office or he can release him / her.