What makes turning the house difficult

Corona and PsycheSo rotate we in spite of Lockdown to Home Not by

Home office, only meeting one person, lockdown extension: life in a pandemic seems a dreary mess, especially in winter. For some, there is little to do at home. How we deal with it and what helps, we will discuss in this from 21.

Anna moved back to live with her parents during the pandemic. Now the 26-year-old lives and works in her old nursery. Anna quickly realizes: Home office is not for her, and she could go nuts after months of lockdown.

"I just can't switch off because I have everything in one place: my free time, work, where I sleep - everything is in one place."
Anna falls the blanket on her head

Anyone who is familiar with little space is the budding astronaut Suzanna. In her training, the astrophysicist even had to spend several days in isolation in a cave. Suzanna also finds the current situation challenging: "Everyone has felt like astronauts," says the scientist about the feeling of only ever being in one room. Nevertheless, she has a few tips from outer space on how we can get along better at home.

We can do something about the lockdown burden

The psychologist Björn Schlier researches how the measures during the coronavirus pandemic affect our psyche. It is very much about the feeling of loneliness: People who live alone are often worse off than those who live in a shared apartment or with their family. You can hear in the podcast how we can support our psyche during this time.

Information about corona and mental health

  • Mental stress increases measurably during the corona pandemic, as a study by the University of Basel shows: The proportion of people with depressive symptoms rose by eight percent in April and by another 18 percent in November. British researchers also warn of long-term psychological consequences that the pandemic can trigger.
  • A German-Austrian research team investigated what helps people to cope better with the situation: In the spring, those who feel a lot of meaning in their life were better off. In addition, people who have good self-control coped better with the situation.
  • If you are looking for psychological support: You can get immediate help around the clock from the telephone counseling on the free numbers 0800 - 111 0 111 and 0800 - 111 0 222. The offer is also available on the Internet at www.telefonseelsorge.de.