Are fat girls discriminated against in China?

China: Fat foreigners are no longer allowed to adopt children

Beijing - Overweight foreigners will no longer be allowed to adopt Chinese children in the future. "Obese people are more likely to suffer from illnesses and have a shorter life expectancy," the authority said in the official English-language newspaper "China Daily" on Monday.

Applicants who are depressed or who are unmarried would no longer be able to adopt children. The new criteria are said to come into force in May and protect the interests of the children. At the same time, they should shorten the waiting time for qualified applicants.

"We want to select the most highly qualified"

According to the new rules, possible adoptive parents must have been married for at least two years, and those previously divorced must have been remarried for at least five years. Foreign individuals cannot adopt Chinese children. "We want to select the most highly qualified so that our children can grow up in better and better conditions," said the authority.

In the past ten years, around 50,000 Chinese children have been adopted by foreigners, around 40,000 of them by Americans. Adopting a Chinese child can cost more than $ 15,000. The vast majority of adopted children are girls, as Chinese parents traditionally prefer boys. (APA / Reuters)