How do I use parachute

Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Unlock and use the parachute

Where do you get the parachute from in Ghost Recon Breakpoint? How can you equip and use the parachute? In the new open-world shooter from Ubisoft, there are numerous challenges to be mastered in the large open world. In order to get from A to B faster, you can not only use the fast travel or use vehicles and helicopters, but you can also use a parachute.

This is how you can unlock the parachute

If you want to use the parachute, you have to activate it under the skills. Under the basic skills you can find various skills and this includes the parachute. The parachute is not for sale and you can only unlock it with the appropriate skill.

So you can use and open the parachute

To use the parachute you either need a helicopter or you can find a suitable place on the map that can be used for a base jump. You should be careful with the latter, because if you can't jump far enough and pull the parachute, then your character will very likely bless the time due to the fall damage.

If you are currently in a helicopter and have unlocked and equipped the parachute, you can get out of the PlayStation 4 using the square button and pull the parachute using the X button. On the Xbox One you can get out using the X button and release the parachute using the A button.

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