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Where is nudism prohibited - and where is nudism allowed?


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Textile-free on the move in Germany

The Nudism - also known as nude culture, nudism or simply nudism - is still lively practiced, especially in German-speaking countries.

Naturists appreciate this Casualness and naturalnessemanating from nude activities. The latent sexuality that accompanies nudity, on the other hand, is not decisive for the practitioner. Rather, it is about liberation and a positive body feeling.

Who is not embarrassed and yourself likes to go unclothed, he has to inform in advance where he is doing it in this country. Because sometimes nudism may be banned become. What to look out for if you like to work without a cover.

Faq: nudism - prohibited or not?

Is it forbidden to go out in public without clothes?

No. There is no law against nudity in public. The Administrative Offenses Act (OWiG), however, prohibits the nuisance of the general public and the impairment of public order. Nudism in the forest or on the beach is not strictly prohibited, but it can be prohibited.

Can I be naked in my garden?

If others do not feel bothered by this, you can stay in your garden without clothing. For this purpose, however, it should not be visible and should be protected, for example, by a hedge.

Is nude hiking allowed?

Yes. Here, too, however, you must not bother other people by not wearing clothes. By doing this, you would commit an administrative offense that can be punished with a fine. Therefore, at best, do not choose any heavily frequented hiking routes.

Such is the legal situation

First of all: it is fundamental for citizens in this country not forbidden to be naked in public to be. So there is no law prohibiting the wearing of clothes in public mandatory. Yet it is considered an unwritten custom dressed in public space to be.

Still applies to nudists no freedom of fools: Naturism can then be banned if other people through the nudity harassed feel. Paragraph 118 applies here "Public harassment" in the Administrative Offenses Act, in which in paragraph 1 is to be read:

An administrative offense is anyone who undertakes a grossly improper act that is likely to annoy or endanger the general public and impair public order.

So the general public should not be exposed to certain people harassed become. Then a fine to be imposed. Since nudism cannot be banned completely, those affected usually receive one Expulsion.

Specific information on swimming:

Nudism in the forest and on your own property: what is allowed?

In your four walls you can be naked as often as you want - the prerequisite is that Residents are not disturbed by it become. Also Naturism in your own garden is allowed as long as it can be proven that others do not feel bothered by it. This would be e.g. B. the case when the property is easily visible to others or is on a busy street.

Neighborhood disputes often end up in court, because it should be clarified whether the nakedness of a neighbor is still in the Right to privacy falls or whether there is already justified harassment. In some cases that will It is forbidden to practice nudism, in other decisions it will Personal rights stressed by the accused. A uniform border can be right because of that vague legal situation difficult to pull, which is why this is usually the case Individual decisions acts.

The same applies to that too Being naked in the great outdoors: In principle, nudism in the forest and nude hiking are also allowed, as long as other hikers are not offended by this. So if you want to go for a walk naked and want to avoid possible legal complications, then choose remote routes.

Apart from these restrictions, there are quite a few in Germany Sections of beach, seaside resorts et cetera, where nudist fans can get their money's worth.

If you like on vacation seamless brown then you should inform yourself beforehand about the regulations in force in your country. In many Muslim and Asian countries, for example, nude bathing is considered nudist forbidden in principle. In addition, there is a general bathing ban for certain bodies of water.
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  1. “Forbidden” / “allowed” / “nudism ... practiced” / “unwritten custom” / “others ... find no offense” ...

    A naked person is physically unprotected and easily attacked, but not a threat to others.
    For me, being barefoot and naked in nature means being aware of the environment and being aware of the rubbish on the paths or in the minds of some people.
    I experience the unclothed way of life as the most peaceful and natural state of existence. And the question arises why BEING NAKED in public should “annoy or endanger the general public and impair public order”.
    Even wrong parking is more dangerous than z. B. a cyclist on the country road, clothed or not.
    Listening away when there is noise is not possible. - It is always possible to look away when naked people walk by!

    Let us please direct the focus on real dangers and dangerous trends, on blind hatred and all forms of violence in all areas of life.
    And let's sort out what should really be worth being protected and sanctioned.

  2. If one or two people are enough to convict you of an administrative offense for being naked, something is going wrong. As Roberto J. mentioned earlier, illegal parking can be a real danger. I have sent photos of cars to the public order office several times, where they were parked in fire service entrances. I didn't even get an answer.
    Anyone who does not want to endure the sight of a naked person should consider whether our society is the right one for them.
    Of course, there must be no explicit display of the genital organs or manipulation of them.

  3. So naked hiking is not prohibited by law and yet a single person can report me for it so that I have to pay a fine. So hiking in the nude is tantamount to a ban, even though it's not forbidden by law.
    When will there finally be clarity? I'm older and don't live forever and I would like to be able to safely go naked hiking among other beautiful things. Without this uncertainty, I will either be punished or not.
    My suggestion:
    Nude hikers cover their gender with their hands when they meet other people or a person and thus express that they are only interested in naked hikes.
    That should be enough to avoid an administrative offense

  4. If a naked hiker meets a clothed person, he should cover his gender with his hands as quickly as possible when recognizing this person, in order to avoid misunderstandings, for the sake of morality and out of respect for the other person.
    This should be enough to ensure that no administrative offense can be suspected.
    In addition, the clothed person should immediately avert his gaze from the naked hiker in order to respect him.

  5. I think Thomas’s idea of ​​holding hands up is very good.
    That should be implemented.
    I am a passionate nudist lover, but avoid naked hiking because of possible hostility
    in nature (only do it on official nude hiking trails).
    Everything about Paragraph 118 is very vague, there should be a clear regulation.
    Of course, I am in favor of legal naked sporting activities.

  6. What I find a good approach is whether there is a sexual reference or exhibitionism. If you're just discreetly naked without sexual intentions, that's great. Public sex or even gentlemen who then look somehow infantile, whether they want to get confirmation for their naked bodies - al la, “Mom, I'm so cute, please praise me! - that bothers me totally. Although I like to swim naked myself, simply because it's totally pointless to carry swimming gear with you, to strip naked at the lake, to put on your swimsuit, to go into the water, to come out, to peel off wet clothes, and to plow back on, and then spend the rest of the day Carrying around soaking wet bikini in my pocket.

  7. I myself am a passionate naturist and am naked as often as possible
    In public I only move naked in like-minded company and if I know that I won't bother or bother anyone else with it, I would of course be naked a lot more often, but I don't feel comfortable myself if my counterpart feels bothered or uncomfortable

  8. But what does it look like when a nudist is out and about in the presence of children? I see it differently on the beach than in the city or in the forest. Is this then considered sexual harassment of minors? Kind regards

  9. They say nudity is allowed everywhere in Germany, even in public, and there is no law prohibiting it. It is not like that, because it can be viewed not only as an administrative offense, but also as a criminal offense - Paragraph 183 and Paragraph 183 a, regardless of whether it is done for sexual reasons and manipulation or not.

  10. Have already taken part in several guided nude hikes - a really good balance for a desk felon with a large body. Alone I have only been on the official nudist trails so far. But if you use remote paths and this at times when there are as few textile hikers as possible, there should be no problems. During a group hike in the Bergisches Land, we were even asked by oncoming textile hikers where they had to register to participate ...

  11. I am currently creating a small educational trail for forest plants in the Grunewald. Naked. When I see someone coming, I crouch with my back to him or her and look at the moss and leaves. So I don't bother anyone and afterwards I can move freely and naked again. If more than one come, I go a little more into the forest. It's even easier with a long shirt - with nothing but air underneath

  12. I feel harassed by naked men and find it almost unbearable when they walk around a beach, not nudist. For me it is sexual harassment and totally assaulted. When I want to see penises, I go to the nudist or mixed sauna.
    Doesn't work at all.

  13. @Franzi Does a naked person look different on the beach than in the city or in the forest? No! So why are you making this difference?
    I live in an area with a lot of dams. Where does the beach end and where does the forest begin? Is it the footpath in between? As a nudist, do I even set foot over this limit, am I committing a criminal offense? Why? That's ridiculous!

  14. I've been naked wherever possible for many years. This is the only way to really feel good, and I can only recommend it to everyone.
    In my opinion and experience, it is important that you behave naturally and normally. Why not? :-)
    That's how I live at home in summer and winter. Of course, that's how I like to enjoy your time outdoors. When it's really nice and warm, then of course I drive naked and I like to go for a walk. Everything is simply indescribably sensual and beautiful.
    I've met a lot in the process, but there have never been any problems. The reactions ranged from “looking the other way” to friendly greetings, friendly and interested conversations, to admiration for the courage. Only once was I asked by an elderly lady if I thought I was dressed appropriately :-) but that was also across town at noon :-))
    My wish and tip: people…. just give it a try and you will hate your clothes in the future :-)

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