Is New Years Eve your favorite holiday

Translation of "ulubione święto" in German

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Oto dlaczego Sylwester to moje ulubione święto.
Dzień kapitana Picarda to ulubione święto uczniów.
It's Captain Picard Day both Very popular with students.
Sam organizuje Mikołajki, to jej ulubione święto.
Sam wants elves. She loves that more than anything.
A to moje drugie ulubione święto, zaraz po Dniu Udawania, Że Nie Zauważasz Rasy Ludzi.
And is mine second favorite holiday, right after the "Pretend You Don't Care About Race Of People" day.
Tak więc, w nocy z dnia 13 na 14 stycznia, każdy może sobie pozwolić "doświętować" ulubione święto.
So, on the night of January 13th to 14th, everyone can afford the Favorite festival to celebrate.
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