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Wall paint test 2021 • The 9 best wall paints in comparison

What is a wall paint?

It is a Paint, which you can also buy emulsion paint or binder paint. By a Wall paint, you can see the whole climate and the whole the atmosphere change a room. Soft and delicate wall colors convey that cozy feeling at home, whereas cool colors are particularly suitable for bathrooms, as they are a true experience of freshness compared to warmer ones. The Components of a wall paint can vary depending on the manufacturer and in general, you should inform yourself extensively before buying, since cheap wall paint is often harmful ingredients may contain, which can have a negative impact on health.

With the right one Wall paint, you can give the room not only cosiness, but also it Appearance change significantly in terms of size. The right color on the right wall can add a little more visual size and make the room appear wider than it actually is. By setting colored accents, can also optical subdivisions conjure up.

In the case of rooms, that is not enough from the start natural light it is advisable to use light and light wall colors, as darker ones can convey a narrower and less light feeling. Generally speaking, choosing the right one Wall paint should be carefully considered, because painting a wall takes some time and, above all, sometimes high costs, if you do this through a Professional can be carried out. Besides, one can room give the absolutely wrong look if the color does not combine well with the furniture. Likewise, it is possible to feel too extreme Wall paints To see your fill too quickly and this would in turn involve considerable effort if you had to repaint again after a very short time.

Wall paint price / performance ratio chart

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How does a wall paint work?

Basically, it is important to pay attention to a few things before you start painting one wall makes. First you should calculate carefully, how much color is needed for the room in order not to have too little in the end and in the worst case not to be able to finish painting the wall. Furthermore, every wall is different and not every one Wall paint, can be applied to everyone Underground distribute equally well.

If this is not suitable, the first thing to do is to properly prime it in order to add more Painting activities to be able to make. Should the Wall paint can be applied directly to the plaster, so it is advisable to carry out a hand test first to see if there is any Chalk dust located on the wall. If so, one should definitely be held liable by that Plaster test before doing any more painting. This one test one can perform by taking a piece of one Masking tape attaches to the wall and then removes it with one jerk. Should plaster here in one piece Adhesive paper stick, then you also have to apply a primer to the wall. If it is already painted plaster then it is still advisable to do a test and again Duct tape on the wall to attach and tear it off again.

If you should then find a piece of the old wall paint, he has comparison show that it is worthwhile to remove it first before painting a new wall paint on it.

You should also do a test and comparison about the absorbencyof the subsoil before starting to apply the wall paint. To this one test To do this, you have to soak a brush in water and then use it to brush a spot on the wall. If this turns dark after a short time, it means that it has soaked up the water and you have one too primer should be carried out before starting the actual painting. This prevents the wall from being soaked with the paint, which means that you have to work much less Wall paint will need.

If all of these first steps have been successfully completed, then this is what it is all about Mixing the paint. Because if you don't do this properly, the individual color pigments may not be evenly distributed, which also affects the Coating evenness can affect. The best way to do this is to use a simple and smooth stick, which should also be clean to remove any Impurities and residues to avoid on the wall. With this one then stirs the color two minutes evenly around.

A tip from the experts: Buy a drill attachment that is specially designed for mixing wall paint, as this will save you a lot of time and effort! Take the test! The comparison to a conventional stick is incredible.

To make a wall as beautiful and as possible to paint evenly, the first step is to use the Corners and edges Mask off the ceiling and floor with a special masking tape. If you have already touched the color, you can go straight to the next step and the brush or the little one role dip in paint, this is sufficient Squeegee Roll off to remove excess. After that it is advisable with the Ceiling edges and paint them carefully with a brush or roller. One should from Incidence of light go to the center of the room. There are a few different ways and tricks to paint the wall. It's best to go in Lanes and strokes either from top to bottom or from bottom to top and repeats this process again in the opposite direction to when you started.

Another method it is first crosswise to paint and then to paint again from top to bottom over the wall. With this type of painting, you can be sure that the color is actually in all of them Indentations got. As soon as you have started painting a wall, it is important to finish it, as otherwise unattractive streaks can occur.

As soon as the Wall paint is dry, you can give the room even more extravagance by adding effects. The so-called are suitable for this Wiping technology, the Dab technique, the Winding technology or the Painting technique.

In the Wiping technique a glaze is applied to the wall paint using a sponge, creating a structured surface. Dabbing technique also means using a sponge that you have previously put in glazediveswho have dabbed the wall to create a dotted wall structure. In the Winding technology, if you soak a cloth, it is best to use a cloth Cotton or linen cloth, in glaze and wring it out well. Then you roll this cloth over the wall and create one as well effective design.

For the last technique, the so-called Coating technique, you need a Brush, ideally a flat brush that is moistened and dipped in glaze and then by means of circular movements repeatedly paints a lying figure eight on the wall. To get an even bigger effect, you can do this with several different colors to one 3D effect to obtain. Make a comparison and test before deciding on any effects.

Applications of wall paint

Wall paint or emulsion paint, one can use for the Indoor and outdoor of a building.
It is the most common means of painting walls. With regular Living spaces, that are not exposed to any particular humidity, compared to wet rooms, can be one washable wall paint use one of the Wet abrasion class 3.

For walls in one Kitchen, or that bathroom it is best a dispersion of the 2nd grade to use. For the outdoor area, the comparison has shown that in contrast to the previously used Lime paint, nowadays the Emulsion paint has almost completely replaced it. In addition to these, they are also suitable for outdoors Facade paints. Acrylic varnishes can also be used for the outside and this means Low pressure spray systems Instruct.

What types of wall paint are there?

The test and comparison showed the following:

  • Emulsion paint
  • Lime paint
  • Glazes
  • Latex paint
  • Glue paint / chalk paint
  • Mineral paint
  • Silicate paint

Emulsion paint

This regular Wall paint is well suitable for painting Woodchip and embossed wallpapers, already existing coatings with Emulsion paint, on Masonry, concrete walls, plaster and already primed Cement fiber boards and Plasterboard. They are very easy to apply and usually save a second coat because they cover very well. They are also washable and very resistant to stains.

Lime paint

This is especially for that Exterior painting suitable, but also for Cover, in the Kitchen, in the Bathroom, in the basement, cellar or of course regular ones Living room walls. in the Outdoor area you can apply them to formwork concrete, cement plaster, brick, or lime and lime cement. The nice thing about these colors is that Hue, which looks very soft, warm and matt. Plus, they have a natural disinfectant effect and also a fungicidal one.

The Lime paint is also not susceptible or very sensitive to moisture, also smudge-proof and extremely environmentally friendly. It also has an absorbent effect on strong odors. However, compared to other colors it is out of the ordinary Wall paint test relatively difficult to process and can also lead to chemical burns on the skin, which is why it is essential when using Gloves and a safety goggles should be worn. In most cases, several coats are necessary to get a rich wall color. Absolutely not suitable Lime paints on plaster substrates, paper wallpaper and lightweight walls.


These are particularly suitable for Plaster, exposed concrete, masonry or on Walls, which already have a disperse paint coat, because the sub-surface structure even remains under this glaze recognizable. In this way, you can add additional color effects and nuances to the existing paintwork. You may have to apply glazes more than once to achieve the desired effect.

Latex paint

A Latex paint can be used well for painting in Bathroom, the Kitchen, in the basement, cellar or for very heavily used walls in Children's rooms use. They repel water, are diffusible and abrasion and scuff resistant. You can paint over them with emulsion paint if you have already primed the surface or if it has been roughened.

Glue paint / chalk paint

For unused areas such as Ceilings, these colors are very suitable. Likewise for Woodchip wallpaper and Plasterboard, as well as stone and plaster.

A big advantage with these species is that good coverage of the colors. They are also very good suitable for allergy sufferers and are generally considered to be ecologically harmless and well tolerated.
you are open to diffusion and dry very quickly compared to other colors from the test. Painting over is only possible after the wall has been roughened with sandpaper. They are very sensitive and susceptible for mold and fungal attack. Glue paint is water-soluble and therefore not for outdoor use, the basement, the bathroom, the kitchen or for surfaces that are always damp. They cannot be combined with all tinting paints, and they are not considered to be very suitable on oil paints, plastics and substrates that are not absorbent.

Mineral paint

You can use this on substrates containing silicon, such as Concrete, cementitious mortar and Lime mortar occurrence. It is considered to be very environmentally friendly, lightfast, stable in color, open to diffusion and can also convince because it does not flake and can hardly get dirty. The only downside is that you can use them relatively difficult to process can, which is why you should leave the painting to the specialist.

Silicate paint

The use of this kind Wall paint is particularly suitable on viable Subsurfaces such as concrete, cement plaster, clinker, lime or lime cement, silicate paint, mineral paint, or bricks. she is open to diffusion and will be best ForDamp rooms used because it protects against mold growth and also wipe and wash resistant is and lightfast. When using it, however, one should note that it can and absolutely burns the skin Protective gloves and glasses should be worn when applying.

Also is that Cost factor much more expensive than compared to other colors. It works very well on a plaster base and absolutely not on wallpaper. It is also not intended to be painted over by others Emulsion paints and it is advisable to get help from a professional painter when painting.

Possible test criteria for wall paint in comparison and test


According to surveys, the price of wall paint is the most important criterion. It should be reasonable and cheap.


For 26% of respondents from a recent survey, the right color came in second place.


The wall paint should also have good coverage so that you don't have to paint several times to get the desired color.


The durability of the Wall paint, Because painting is always associated with a great deal of time and money, and painting should last as long as possible.


The brand used was also important to many buyers.

Most prefer to use well-known manufacturers because they can rely on their quality and are not very keen to experiment.

Easy to distribute

If you want to apply the wall paint yourself, it is also extremely important that it can be easily spread, otherwise the help of a professional is required.

What else do I have to look out for when buying a wall paint?

At the top of the Comparison and test must be the quality of the wall paint here. Because even if it is understandably very tempting to resort to the cheaper variant, you should still avoid this, because you have to remember that you deal with the Wall paint and their ingredients surrounds and breathes it in.

But it is not just because of the health aspects that it is worth choosing the higher quality and usually more expensive variant. If you want to save yourself repainting, they also have in the test and comparison higher quality products better can convince. One finds a reference to the Opacity the wall color on the label. The scale ranges from one to four, with one covering best.

If not Best before date is indicated, you should choose a different wall color, otherwise you run the risk that mold may have formed in it, but you will not see it. In the kitchen and in the bathroom, you should too Latex paints because they are much more resistant than conventional emulsion paints Comparison. The test has shown that these are a bit more expensive in terms of price, but the minor evil is worthwhile in the long term. You absolutely must have the Note ingredients and subject it to an exact test and comparison, as otherwise health and environmental problems can occur. Therefore, pay attention to Eco label and European eco-labels.

8 popular wall paint manufacturers

  • Caparol
  • Relius
  • Milacor
  • Alpina
  • Herbol
  • Beautiful living
  • Wilckens
  • Dofa
The well-known brand with the logo of an elephant with a brush on the rear is a market leader in the field of paints. In 2010 the company celebrated its 115th anniversary.
Relius is the European leader in the field of paints, varnishes and the like, and has already been in existence for 125 years. There is also a sales network in Austria with over 1000 employees.
Market leader in the field of magnetic walls, which can count among its customers primarily kindergartens, studios, studios, schools and medical practices. The manufacturer always convinces with quality and innovation.
One of the leading wall paint brands. Especially in Europe, it has established itself for many years and has always been able to convince with the very good quality of all the products.
Herbol has been a reliable manufacturer of all types of paints for 175 years. The company is part of Akzo Nobel Deco GmbH and has its origins in Cologne in 1844 in the Herbig-Haarhaus lacquer factory, which was founded at the time.
This manufacturer is always on the cutting edge and has a feel for the latest trends.
The company was founded in 1845 and was actually active in the grain products sector until World War I. Then the founder Max Ernst Wilckens carried out a “rebranding” and from then on specialized in paints and varnishes.
This is a trademark of Meffert AG Farbwerke. Otto Meffert opened his first paint shop in 1947. In 1962 he opened his color doors and started producing his own wall paints. The amilien company is one of the top manufacturers of wall paint in Europe.

Disadvantages of the product wall paint mentioned by customers

  • little opacity
  • unpleasant smell
  • not a nice color result
  • too high price in comparison
  • not easy to spread
  • complicated application
  • no long shelf life
  • Color is crumbling off

Useful information and advice on wall paint

  • You should never buy unsealed paints or those on which none Best before date is specified
  • Suitable for bathrooms and kitchens Latex paint best because it is waterproof and easy to wipe off
  • Dark colours visually reduce a room

Stiftung Warentest wall paint test

In the last Stiftung Warentest For the product wall paint, over 30 manufacturers have made a precise comparison and extensive test subjected so that the best could be identified. The test showed that there are many available on the market Products environmentally harmful, or above all ingredients harmful to health exhibit. Well-known brands such as Düfa, Alpina and Schöner Wohnen were considered the test winners. An extensive one Test and comparison before buying any wall paint is essential.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about wall paint

What wall colors are there?

There are emulsion paints, mineral paints, lime paints, glazes, latex paints and many more.

How much does wall paint cost?

It depends on the quality, but the price range for wall paint is between € 1 and € 10 per liter.

Where can I buy wall paint?

Either in a specialist retailer, in the hardware store, or directly from the online provider.

Which kind of purchase is better has to be subjected to a test and comparison.

What kind of wall paint should you use in the bathroom?

In wet rooms and rooms where there is a lot of moisture, a latex paint is recommended because it is very resistant and water-repellent.

Which wall color is beautiful in the living room?

In living rooms, unobtrusive colors are generally more suitable. It also depends on the size and height of the room, which color is suitable, as a darker shade can make it appear much smaller compared to a lighter one, as the test showed.

Which manufacturer has the best wall paint?

According to the last surveys, Caparol has clearly won and was able to convince with both quality and price-performance ratio.

What is important when buying a wall paint?

You absolutely have to pay attention to the quality of the wall paint in order to adequately protect the environment and above all your own health. It is therefore essential to take a look at the label and the ingredients it contains.

What is a mineral paint?

This is a paint that consists of mineral binders.

Which wall paint can you use for the outside area?

Lime paints or common emulsion paints, which have mostly replaced the former in today's use, are suitable for this.

What do you have to consider when applying wall paint?

First of all, make sure that all furniture is either covered or brought to a safe place to avoid accidentally getting paint on the wall. The floor should also be well covered and the ceiling edges masked off. It is essential to use protective gloves and goggles to avoid burns from the paint on the wall.


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