Who would know about the JFK conspiracy?

JFK expert expects dramatic revelations - »The leads lead to the CIA ...

The release of the last "JFK Files" should have brought to light the whole truth about the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy (46). Actually, because that's what the law provided for.

But US President Donald Trump (71) let himself be caught off guard by the CIA at the last moment. Highly explosive documents should be checked again, the publication of certain passages or entire parts of the files should continue to be denied for reasons of national security. Since October 26th, the “National Archives” released 31 063 documents, explosive revelations did not follow - but thousands of documents are still missing!

Possible "crown jewels" of the "JFK files" are still under lock and key, says Jefferson Morley (59), former "Washington Post" reporter, bestselling author and founder of the website "JFKfacts.org". These documents could be so explosive that even 54 years after the president's death, a new debate could break out as to whether assassin Lee Harvey Oswald († 24) could have acted on behalf of dark forces.

In short: Was it a conspiracy by Kennedy's mortal enemies in "national security" circles, almost as portrayed in Oliver Stone's cult film "JFK"? Trump's new deadline for the release of all files is the end of April.

"The role of the CIA was much bigger than previously known," says Morley. That the spies have a lot to hide can already be seen from the resistance of the "Agency". The CIA monitored Kennedy killer Oswald between 1959 and 1963 and, as Morley believes, "protected" too. The secret service also actively helped in "covering the tracks" afterwards, especially during the investigation of the "Warren Commission".

Morley: "America and the world should finally know the whole truth."

An interview with the JFK book author

BILD: Before the deadline, by which all JFK documents should have been published, President Trump excitedly tweeted that everything would come to light. Then he got cold feet. Has he bowed to pressure from the CIA?

Jefferson Morley: “That seems obvious. They pushed him, probably deliberately, at the last moment - and taken him by surprise. The argument was: there is highly explosive information in the files. And we need more time. This is of course curious: this deadline had been known for 25 years ... But the tactic was clever. And successful. The CIA wants at all costs to avoid certain documents from becoming public. "

How many files are still secret?

Morley: “Hard to say, thousands. The archive announced that there was just the last round in the publication of larger volumes of files. This means that everyone is now public, for whom the new check for state secrets need not have been very complex. Now, however, the tug-of-war begins between the Commission and the CIA or the FBI over the 'Crown Jewels', potentially the most explosive JFK files. According to Trump, the deadline is the end of April. The White House decreed that everything had to go out, except for the names of certain people, should there be a security risk. "

Then should we really find out everything?

Morley: "I am sceptical. It should all have happened on October 26th. The CIA probably has a central goal: to keep the most sensitive files under lock and key ... "

As a JFK expert, how do you rate the explosiveness of the files published so far?

Morley: “I'm always asked: Is there a 'smoking gun?” And I always have to shake my head. But there is one thing to keep in mind: the CIA knows what is on file. They are unlikely to let the most explosive out first. We'll see the most exciting things at the very end, if at all. There are a number of interesting aspects to the files that have already been published: Especially the memos from agents and executives who observed Oswald for four years before the attack or who knew about him. You knew everything: his travels, his circle of acquaintances, his political views. "

How did he get targeted by the US intelligence services?

Morley: “Because of his desertion to the Soviet Union and later because of his contacts with supporters of Cuba's Fidel Castro. One of these cover stories, which runs like a thread through the report of the 'Warren Commission', has already been refuted. At the time it was said: 'There was this guy Oswald, he appeared out of nowhere, and then he killed the president.' Oswald did not appear out of nowhere: he was well known to more than a dozen high-ranking CIA people, everyone first and foremost James Angelton, the then chief of counterintelligence. "

Well, that sounds like a CIA failure. But that doesn't result in a conspiracy against the president?

Morley: “I'm not spreading conspiracy theories here. I mention facts. Anyone can figure it out for themselves. But what became known during the last publication: They had even opened Oswald's letters, which shows the intensity of the observations. And one more thing: In the files of the agents who monitored Oswald, many passages are still blackened out. The new documents underline how much energy the secret service put into hindering the investigation and covering up the traces: All these fairy tale stories were served up that they had no idea about Oswald ... And what we have not yet seen are memos and CIA files that must have been created in the year of the attack - especially during Oswald's stay in Mexico City ... "

The release of the JFK files

There he met a KGB officer in charge of assassinations at the Soviet embassy. Scriptwriters could hardly think of a better way to do that

Morley: "Yes exactly. During the trip he tried to get visas for Cuba and the Soviet Union, we know that. Where you are still in the dark: What was the CIA's reaction in real time? From the point of view of counterintelligence chief Angelton, that must have been a monstrous incident: There we have a guy who had access to secret information, first defected to the Soviets, betrayed military secrets and married a Russian woman. Then he returned to the USA. And now he suddenly appears in Mexico City and meets with Cuban and Soviet intelligence people. "

Why did Oswald have such a long leash?

Morley: “One thing seems clear: he was not only monitored, but also protected by the CIA. There is no need to look for a conspiracy here. The factual processes alone are breathtaking. With all the past, the guy shows up in Mexico. And nothing happens? Even though all the cables end up at Angelton's table? "

Why could Oswald have been protected by the secret service?

Morley: "Let's put it this way: There must have been people who were not very kind to Kennedy ..."

That sounds like a conspiracy again.

Morley: “Let's take a step back. There are two scenarios: It could have been an unbelievable botch. And the far darker variant: It was no coincidence that Oswald was able to act so unmolested.

One thing is clear: whatever it was, the CIA wanted to cover up its role in the run-up to the Kennedy assassination after the attack with all its might. This is why there is so little evidence and evidence for both scenarios so far. What was it: botch or plot? All I say: I don't know. But one thing can be said: if it was a conspiracy, then most of the leads lead to the CIA and possible conspirators in the circles responsible for US national security. With other possible backers, Mafia, Cubans or Soviets, the soup is far too thin. "

That CIA files in particular have so far been blacked out most often and are the hardest to come by: Is that also an indication?

Morley: “The passages kept secret are the lead to disclosure of the case! But we get more and more pieces of the puzzle. And you can also see certain patterns of which documents have been withheld or censored. It is to be feared that the most sensitive files may remain secret forever. The CIA has no interest in opening old wounds here. "

What do you think of Oliver Stone's legendary film "JFK"?

Morley: “It is clear, of course, that this is not a documentary, but various aspects of the crime thriller were well presented - and many important questions raised. Well, let's look at version one: One man killed Kennedy for no reason, and that man is killed by another, again for no reason. Or, version two: It is believed that the president was killed by his enemies. And here the film provides exciting clues. "

Do you think that the publication of the final files next year could completely rekindle the debate about the Kennedy murder? That the possibility of a plot to commit murder could be given more credence?

Morley: “In the end, we will know how many of the crucial files were actually published. I am convinced that there must be documents that could fundamentally change our understanding of the Kennedy assassination. Whether we see them is another question. But Trump is holding it in his hands: the president could force the CIA. Unfortunately, what has happened so far is not encouraging. "

Why do politicians, historians and officials hold so firmly to the official version that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone perpetrator?

Morley: “Apparently nobody wants to mess with the CIA. You just get a bloody nose. And it would be such a monstrous crime that one could have decided that knowledge of it was unreasonable for the nation. That would have shaken all foundations of America. And also: the investigators, the press, the Congress, the judiciary - all of them have failed. That would be hard to take. Apparently they prefer to stick to the official story. But if all of a sudden it were to say: 'Hey, Kennedy has been eliminated by his enemies.' Most would think: 'Sure, actually I always thought that ... ""

What would the motives have been?

Morley: “For many in national security circles, Kennedy was seen as a formidable threat. He negotiated a nuclear test ban treaty with the Soviets, he proposed a joint lunar mission with the Russians, and he communicated with the Castro regime through intermediaries. And he didn't want the war in Vietnam to escalate any further. "

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