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17 questions to ask your future SEO professional

questionUnderstandingExplain how search engines work and how new pages are indexed!The applicant can show that they understand the basic process by which search engines work.Show us an example of what your SEO work looked like in the past.Concrete results are the best example of know-how.When do you think keyword research should be done in the SEO process?The best answer is here: Before the concept is finalized, because the keywords sometimes give the direction for the development of the content.Which SEO tool do you prefer and why?Here you can find out whether the candidate knows and can use common SEO tools.Which 5 factors are most important for increasing the ranking?Various answers can be correct here. The important thing is: Can the candidate justify his personal ranking?When do you use 301 and 302 redirects on websites?Specialists should know the difference and know that 301 redirect is a good way to safely circumvent domain transfers or changes in taxonomy.Where do you place search engine optimization in the marketing mix?Does the candidate realize that SEO has to go hand in hand with other marketing activities and is an important part of it?When is the right time for SEO?Good answers would be: “Before the website goes live” or “During the conception of a relaunch”.