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Bad crash with serious consequences on the Tour of Poland!

The Dutchman Fabio Jakobsen is in a coma after a serious fall in the finish sprint of the 1st stage on Wednesday.

As his team Deceuninck-QuickStep announced on Thursday morning, Jakobsen was operated on for over five hours in a hospital in Sosnowiec.

"A CT scan was performed and the brain does not appear to have been damaged," said Pawel Gruenpeter, the hospital's deputy director.

It also said that the main injuries were in the face, but fortunately the eyes were not affected. "Today we will try to get him out of the coma," announced Gruenpeter.

On Thursday morning, race organizer Czeslaw Lang said he was "a little relieved" after speaking to the doctors. "After seeing the accident, we initially feared the worst.

But now we know that his situation is serious but stable, "said Lang.

Doctors speak of mortal danger

On the first anniversary of Belgian Bjorg Lambrecht's death, Jakobsen's serious accident overshadowed the start in Poland.

The Quickstep star crashed brutally into the barricade at around 80 km / h after a bump from Dylan Groenewegen (Jumbo-Visma).

Jakobsen was flown unconscious to the hospital and operated on there. The attending physicians spoke of a mortal danger.

"It is serious, his life is directly threatened. He has lost an enormous amount of blood and sustained considerable injuries," said race doctor Barbara Jerschina after the evening Polsat Sport. 

Jakobsen stable, but in a coma

Jacobsen's Quick-Step team also came back late that evening with a first medical update and stated that his condition was "serious, but stable at the moment".

Initial tests did not show any damage to the brain or spine, "but because of the severity of his numerous injuries, he remains in a coma."

The Dutchman is being cared for in the Wojewodzki Szpital in Katowice and is under close observation, his racing team said.

Groenewegen brutally clears Jakobsen in the sprint

In the sprint for victory, the Dutchman Groenewegen cleared his rivals shortly before the finish line at top speed.

"That was a criminal act by Groenewegen. He belongs in jail for it, for that I would go to court," tweeted Jakobsen's team boss Patrick Lefevere.

"Every year on the Tour of Poland there is this stupid downhill sprint. Mass sprints are dangerous enough, you don't need a downhill finish at 80 km / h," wrote German professional cyclist Simon Geschke from the Polish team CCC on Twitter.

Groenewegen's team Jumbo-Visma also commented on the incident. "We apologize and will discuss what happened internally before we make another statement," said the racing team on Twitter.

Geschkes Italian team-mate Fabio Sabatini also criticized. and called for more safety for the drivers. "They always want the show. Here's the show," he wrote on Twitter. Regardless of whether Groenewegen should be disqualified, the organizers should understand that it is suicide to drive 85 km / h

Ralph Scherzer, team spokesman for the German racing team Bora-hansgrohe, explained at SPORT1: "Of course we are happy when, as it seems, Fabio has survived the worst."

He went on to explain: "Bora-hansgrohe stands for fair play in cycling in every way, we hope that all the riders involved will soon recover completely and are also glad that none of our riders is affected."

Scherzer answered the question of guilt as follows: "The sprint was hard and the fall terrible, but everyone knows the scenes and can make up their own mind."

The World Cycling Federation condemned Groenewegen in the strongest possible terms and took action against him.

"Stay strong my friend!"

Jakobsen fell to the right into the barrier and crashed into a photographer. Groenewegen also fell off his bike, but crossed the finish line first. However, the jumbo professional was disqualified after a short time and Jakobsen was declared the winner of the race - but that was absolutely secondary.

Jakobsen's French team-mate Florian Senechal tweeted a picture of his own blood-soaked gloves and wrote: "I was the first to help Fabio hold his head. If you look at this picture, you can understand what a shock this accident was was. Stay strong, my friend! " Senechal deleted the tweet a little later.

The pictures of the accident were terrible enough: Various other drivers fell in the final in Katowice, some of them spectacularly over flying bars. The target area, directly adjacent to the railroad tracks, resembled a battlefield, with several ambulances stopping at the finish line.

Lambrecht died after an accident

On August 5, 2019, the Belgian Lambrecht hit a concrete pillar in the rain on the 3rd stage of the Tour de Pologne and later died in the hospital. The Lotto Soudal young professional was only 22 years old.

There was initially no official winner of the 195.8 km section between Chorzow and Kattowitz. The German professionals were not affected by the crash. Top sprinter Pascal Ackermann (Kandel / Bora-hansgrohe) was too far behind and crossed the finish line unscathed in 16th place. His team-mate Maximilian Schachmann (Berlin) was also not at the top four days after his fourth place at Strade Bianche.

John Degenkolb (Gera / Lotto-Soudal) did not intervene in the sprint when he was more than a minute behind, the best German was his team-mate Roger Kluge (Eisenh√ľttenstadt) in ninth place.


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