Why should sex workers be respected


The new collective PROCORE fights like a union for the rights of male and female prostitutes in Switzerland. It wants to exert political influence in favor of sex workers and stand up for their human and civil rights.

This content was published on October 17th, 2000 - 8:58 am

In the PROstitution COllectif REflexion (PROCORE) association, more than 20 organizations and projects from all over Switzerland have come together to support those working in the sex trade. Individual prostitutes are also members as private individuals.

PROCORE wants to fight for those affected and organizations that work for prostitutes to be involved in the formulation of political decisions that affect them. In addition to political concerns, PROCORE also wants to promote exchange among members.

Prostitution is a reality

After four years of preparatory work, the association presented itself to the public on Tuesday. The association's activities are based on a jointly developed charter. It recognizes the sex trade as a reality that cannot be abolished. The aim is to reduce the risk for sex workers.

Fight clich├ęs

There are still two stereotypes about prostitutes in many minds: either women are all victims of trafficking in women who need to be rescued. Or: prostitutes love sex and earn money from it. The reality is different and much more complex, it was said.

Respect and support

PROCORE distinguishes between four types of prostitution: Sex work of free choice. These people should be respected and supported when they defend themselves against excessive rents. With the sex workers who acted out of financial difficulties, the goal is also to support them.

Women who worked in the sex trade because of false promises are shown the possibilities and limits of the law. And finally, to combat sex work as a result of trafficking in women, better victim protection is to be introduced. A federal petition has already been submitted by a PROCORE member organization.

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