Did you experience God in life?

Experiencing God - how can it be easier?

The question of the week this time deals with the topic of spirituality or how one could possibly experience God:

Have you ever felt or experienced God?

If so, what could you have contributed to it?

If not: what have you possibly also contributed to it?

Experience God - very dramatically

Sure, there are the stories that pop into BUM and seem pretty strong, as if a good God has intervened. As with Matthias, who had been given up by the doctors after a severe stroke - and surprisingly came back to life. I told his story here on the blog.

Or when a Muslim refugee cries out to Jesus on a sinking rubber dinghy and then sees a white figure on the water and shortly afterwards the safe shore is safely reached.

Experience God - in everyday life

Such goosebumps stories are impressive. But in many cases people do not long for the dramatic - they would find it wonderful if they could somehow feel from time to time that God loves them.

That was the experience of someone in a cafe who told me he couldn't believe in God because he had never felt Him. My friends and I prayed for just that. I don't know what exactly happened in response to the prayer - only that the man said: “Now I felt it!” That was the beginning of his journey with God.

It was different for Reinhard, a former classmate. We prayed the same prayer for him and asked him if he felt God. He said "no". I asked: Did you feel something like warmth or something like that? "Yes totally. My whole body became very warm. ”I explained to him that this may have been God who wanted to show himself to him.

Experience God - by paying attention to the small difference

My coaching training comes into play with such questions. One aspect of coaching is to help people perceive small differences that make something better or worse. For example, a couple can have deeper conversations when they are sitting at the kitchen table together than when they are relaxing on the sofa.

Perceiving differences in belief

I get into the flow of conversation with God more easily when I sit, walk or dance on the floor. I painted a prayer path on the roof of my ship especially for this.

In addition, it is easier for me to pour out my heart to God when I listen to calm wingwave music that relieves the stress on the emotional system. Those who learn to perceive such differences can act more consciously and take action - in life and in faith.

Experience God - How?

My question of the week aims at the small, subtle differences that affect whether encounter with people or God is experienced as satisfactory: I assume that God wants to meet you. That is the core of the Christian message as I understand it. A god who is far away is at least not attractive to me.

But now and then it is our attitudes - inner attitude and body postures - and actions that close us to the encounter with him.

My tip: Use the question of the week to find the differences.

Experiencing God - a few more tips

I also have a free e-book on the subject of “Experiencing God's Fatherly Love”, which gives you very practical tips that can help you learn more about God.

I am curious what you will experience with the question and look forward to your comments.