Why are people unsure why

No matter how confident some people are, everyone is insecure at times. For a variety of reasons, be it when starting a new job or making financial decisions. But one simply does not suspect that in the case of outwardly strong people. One can only learn from this that uncertainty has many faces! So the trick is to spot them!

1. You talk a lot and like to talk about yourself

There are, of course, the self-loving species who find nothing nicer than talking about themselves all day. But then there are also those who babble like a waterfall out of uncertainty. The more silent the interlocutor, the more they talk. At the same time, they try to get praise and recognition with positive stories. If the other person nods in appreciation, this strengthens the ego. Of course, the wisdom "Do good and talk about it" is also true - you will see from the overall behavior of the person whether he or she simply knows something great or is constantly trying to cover up his own uncertainty.

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2. They don't ask or admit mistakes

Employees often speak of a working atmosphere in which mistakes are not tolerated or they have to function like robots. Of course, nobody likes to ask something and is even less likely to admit anything. In addition to people with a lot of specialist knowledge, there are those who seem to always know everything and act accordingly. Just don't show outwardly that you may not know something - that could be interpreted as a weakness and weak people are considered insecure. For the same reason, many cannot admit mistakes - which we all make. Those affected often have good reasons for who or what is to blame. Don't get it wrong: If there are good reasons, they should be said too. You don't have to take something on your own will. But it's also not bad to admit something. EVERYONE can forget something, do it wrong, etc.

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3. You are always super styled

Ok, there are the fashionistas who know how fashion works and have a lot of fun with it. They are not all unsure now! But there are also those who want to cover up their uncertainty with a very neat look. "After all, clothes make the man" - many people are impressed by the look and draw their conclusions from it: Who would suspect an insecure person behind a cool, well-groomed outfit? Nobody! But remember - observe the person more closely: It is never a single detail that can be used to recognize an insecure person!

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