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crime Raids against neo-Nazi networks in Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Hesse

Interior Minister: hard blow against right-wing extremist structures

Thuringia's Interior Minister Georg Maier (SPD) hopes that in the course of the investigation into a suspected criminal neo-Nazi network in Thuringia, its structures can be permanently destroyed. "I attach great importance to this. It is a hard blow to one of the outstanding right-wing extremist structures in Thuringia," said Maier on Friday. He hoped that "this investigation will lead to the fact that we can eliminate these structures of organized crime and right-wing extremism". The right-wing extremism expert of the Thuringian Left Group, Katharina König-Preuss, is also convinced that the raids will have an impact on the entire neo-Nazi structure in Thuringia and beyond.

Information from the Office for the Protection of the Constitution

According to information from MDR THÜRINGEN, the trigger for the proceedings against the neo-Nazi network was a secret wiretapping operation by the Thuringian Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The intelligence service is said to have monitored some of the leading figures in the Turons and the Guard 20 over two years ago. It was mainly about the information about suspected arms deals. During their operation, the agents learned that it was also about drug trafficking on a large scale. This information was passed on by the intelligence agencies to the Thuringian LKA, which began criminal investigations.

First, the proceedings were conducted at the Erfurt public prosecutor's office. When the evidence of drug trafficking and money laundering continued to grow, the case was handed over to the Gera public prosecutor responsible for organized crime.

Traces of the attack on Ballstädt

The neo-Nazi property "Yellow House" in Ballstädt in the Gotha district was also searched. The place made nationwide headlines in 2014 when neo-Nazis attacked a fair and injured several people, some seriously. At least two of the neo-Nazis accused at the time are on the list of investigators in the current OC process.

After a lengthy and complex legal process, the Ballstädt thugs were sentenced to prison terms. In May 2020, the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe overturned the judgment due to formal errors. The mammoth process now has to be started all over again with everyone involved. In mid-January, MDR THÜRINGEN made public that the public prosecutor's office in Erfurt and the defendants' defense lawyers were negotiating a deal to shorten the process. It remains to be seen how the new OK investigations will affect some of the Ballstädt thugs.

Neo-Nazi brotherhood active in the concert business

The Turons and the Guard 20 are neo-Nazi brotherhoods that use symbols similar to criminal rocker bands. So they wear cowls in public, as is common with rockers. There is also a strict hierarchy within the brotherhood. So there are full members and aspirants, which can be seen on the appropriate badges on the frocks.

The network of the Turons and the Guard 20 is said to have been founded in 2015 and emerges from various precursor groups. Since then they have been active in the neo-Nazi concert business.

Including in Kirchheim im Ilmkreis, where they appeared regularly as organizers. There are also good contacts in Switzerland, where the Turons held a neo-Nazi concert in Unterwasser.

Several well-known German and international neo-Nazi bands played, the pictures of the full concert hall and the masses of Hitler greetings shown caused outrage not only in Switzerland and Germany. Allegedly with the money that the "Rocktoberfest" washed into the pockets of the organizers, the legal costs of the Ballstadt attack should have been financed.

Criminal history

Most of the members of the Turons have been highly criminal and known to the police for years. You have repeatedly attracted attention through serious crimes. According to a response from the Thuringian state government to the left-wing MP Katharina König-Preuss, there have been 32 procedures since 2019 that have been committed by people who can be attributed to the Turons. It was about assault, sedition, fraud, receiving stolen goods, forgery of documents, trespassing and other crimes.