Why am I always unhappy?

Why am I always unhappy?

If you want to get out of this evil, you have to work consciously on yourself, it's a long way, but it can be worthwhile. You know, it's like being overweight, if you don't pay attention to nutrition, it degenerates and people who tend to be overweight have to watch out for nutrition and exercise for their entire life, I am one of those people too.

Those who tend to feel unhappy often have a hard time in life, because nobody wants this feeling of unhappiness and the feeling can not be shaken off easily and all great advice like "You are fine, you should." be satisfied, etc. " just give people who have no idea what it feels like to be permanently unhappy. Just as some people are permanently in a good mood and go through life with ease, there are also people who are permanently unhappy and who go through life with this heavy burden.

Many factors make you feel unhappy. Have you ever heard of the "power of thought"?

"Thoughtsare hugely underestimated. In fact, they have great power over our feelings, our well-being, and our actions. Our thoughts influence how we perceive and evaluate the things around us and how we react to them. This is often the result of our experiences (negative as well as positive), experiences in childhood and adolescence. All of this is in ours Subconscious stored and shapes our behavior and thinking. who the Power of thought underestimated, gives up control of his life. We will therefore show you how you can use the power of thoughts in your life, steer it in new directions and take advantage of it. "

You are 27 and if I were you, I would set myself a goal and that is to set myself on my way to be able to feel happiness again, this is a journey that you make, that you owe to yourself and that you do honestly have to do.

Ask yourself if your unhappiness could be due to any of the following (from the internet):

You are unhappy because you only function

You are unhappy because you only function
You are unhappy at work
You mistake good feelings for long-term happiness
Are you unhappy for no reason? Then look for a new challenge
You are lonely
You are unhappy because you live in the past
You are unhappy because you believe nothing will change

As strange as it may sound, happiness is a matter of the mind. How happy you are mainly depends on how you see the world. In other words: Most of your problems do not arise because you think too little, but because you think too much!

  • Self-doubt
  • Constantly comparing yourself to others
  • To care
  • Negative thought spirals
These things rob you of your zest for life, your courage and your optimism.

You mention your overweight, there is only one option: nutritional advice and a fitness center. Exercise can really help stop the carousel of thought.

You see, without changes in your life you will remain unhappy, you have to be really active and change your life, be ready to discover new things, otherwise you will sink into a depression.

You had had psychotherapy for 12 years, I would consider going into psychotherapy again. Your childhood doesn't seem to be really processed.