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Working abroad without training and emigrating: Jobs abroad without prior knowledge

There is the option to apply for a Working Holiday Visa if you want to work in Australia, New Zealand or Canada for up to a year. With the Working Holiday Visa you can live and work in one of these countries for 12 months. Here is a brief overview of the most important requirements for the most popular work & travel destinations:

Australia: The Australian Working Holiday Visa applicant must be between 18 and 30 years old and have # proof that they have approximately AUD 5,000 upon entry.

New Zealand: As with Australia, you must be between 18 and 30 years old and have 4,200 NSD proof.

Canada: Every year there is a quota of 4,000 to 5,000 visas for German Working Holiday visa holders, which are awarded by lot. The minimum age is 18 and the maximum age 35. You can apply for a visa before your 36th birthday and enter when you are 36. In addition, good French or English language skills are required and you must have a school leaving certificate that is comparable to a Canadian technical college.

United States: In the USA you can work for one year with the J1 visa (farm work, au pair, internships, etc.). The visa can only be applied for through an officially authorized agency. The catch with this visa: You have to have a job offer before you can apply for this visa. If you want to emigrate to the USA, you can apply for a permanent residence permit via the Green Card Lottery. A requirement for the Green Card is that you have at least a secondary school diploma.

South America: In countries like Uruguay and Chile you can enter with a tourist visa and then extend it locally or apply for a permanent residence permit.

In some Asian countries there are also work & travel options; however, these often require that you have studied or have an age limit of 25 years.