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Column - children's stuff: «Schöa», «schüü» or «schöö»: The thing with slang

Children's stuff: "Schöa", "schüü" or "schöö": The thing with slang

American parents apparently don't want their children to use British phrases from the Peppa Pig series. I cannot help but understand this.

I recently read an article about Peppa Pig on a trash news website. The series is called Peppa Pig in the British original and has apparently also found its way into children's rooms in the USA. For once, American parents are now confronted with the fact that their children use the British expressions of certain terms and not the other way around, the whole world uses American slang.

They are obviously upset about that.

Incomprehensible? Well, yes ... I am known to be from Toggenburg and although I never found our dialect to be particularly elegant, I am very attached to it. At the latest when I had to say the word "cheese" in dialect in front of the whole class in German class, because we are the only ones to pronounce the Ä in this word exactly. I was a little proud of that.

When I then moved to the Rhine Valley and also to a village with a very pronounced dialect, I didn't give a thought to my own children suddenly being able to speak as if they were from another continent. First of all, I tried to understand my loved one.

Well, in the meantime I've got used to the “Tipilzouer” dialect and can already find a little bit of home in the “Ääadli” or the “Hääss”. And if they don't say "Schmalz, Nidel" and "Gäbsä", then at least the girls speak like papa.

But then Sarah comes along and says neither «schöö» nor «schöa». She says:

It was "hot".

The grandmother and aunt both come from the Glarnerland and it can hardly be avoided (as a working mother) that my girls spend a lot of time with both of them. Obviously so much time that the younger one even adopts her dialect words. Suddenly I understand the American parents.

Maybe Sarah is just a linguist and the episode will be forgotten if she speaks six languages ​​at some point.

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