How is life in Tromso

Life in Midt-Troms

Man can theoretically living in Midt-Troms without a driver's license or a car, but it is not recommended. On the one hand, the distances are long (which does not necessarily mean longer commuting to work in terms of time), on the other hand, public transport is available, but the buses / boats don't really run very often. A driver's license is also often important in working life, and in some cases it is required. A car cannot be taken along for free as removal goods - import duties must be paid. This can be very expensive for newer cars - find out more before moving to Norway!

EU control

Cars have to go through a "TÜV" inspection every 2 years. This can be done at a brand workshop, at the NAF (Norwegian Automobile Club) or at the Roads Office. Car owners must register their vehicle for inspection themselves. Cars that were registered for the first time in an odd year must pass the inspection in every "odd" year, at the latest in the month that the last digit of the license plate indicates. So 1 = January, 2 = February etc. There are no controls in July / December, the last digit 7 means controls in November, while 0 = October.

Road tax

The road tax is paid once a year and is currently just under 3000 crowns. This is checked by scanning the license plate. The "Statens Veivesen" is responsible.


Normally a car has to be re-registered within 14 days, i.e. the import duty is due immediately. In exceptional cases, e.g. if you are staying in Norway for a limited period of time, you can continue to drive with German / foreign license plates upon request.

Motorcycles and other motor vehicles are subject to the same rules, while trailers and caravans can be imported without import duty as long as they are considered removal goods. If they are more than a year old, VAT must be paid for them in Norway.

Info on (Norwegian Customs Office):

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