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While normal wooden windows were okay in the past, nowadays they have to be well-insulated windows in order to be able to overcome the summer. In the past it was an apartment without a balcony, but today it is a symbol of lifestyle for many people. These changes have not only changed cities in Germany, they have also resulted in significant price increases in some cities internationally. But there are still places in this world that are quite affordable. The consulting firm Mercer shows in its ranking which big cities worldwide are cheapest for foreigners.

Inexpensive for Europeans, often luxury for locals

Place 10: The city of Lusaka lands in tenth place. Lusaka is the capital of Zambia and the Lusaka Province. According to Wikipedia, 1,413,000 people live there.

Place 9: The Indian city of Bangalore can secure place number nine. Bangalore is also known as an IT stronghold. In some circles, Bangalore is also considered the Silicon Valley of India. These circumstances are possible due to low rents, among other things. The city has over 8.4 million inhabitants, making it the third largest city in India after Delhi and Mumbai.

8th place: Eighth place again goes to India, namely to Mumbai. Rent and purchase prices are rising in the city. If 140 euros rent and 29,000 euros for a condominium with 22 square meters sound cheap to us, then this price ratio is very expensive for the local population, as a picture series on "sueddeutsche.de" reports from 2015. The per capita income at that time was 93 euros per month.

7th place: Seventh place went to the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan. With 1.7 million inhabitants, Almaty is the largest city in Kazakhstan.

6th place: Sixth place does not go to India, but to Algeria for the city of Algiers. Algiers is the capital of Algeria. According to Wikipedia, Algiers is the largest city and namesake of the country, an industrial city, transport hub and cultural center with universities, numerous institutes, galleries and museums in Algeria.

5th place: 5th place goes back to India to the city of Chennai. The city is also called Madras and is the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. According to a 2011 census, the city is home to 4.6 million people. It is the sixth largest city in India, according to Wikipedia.

Development seems backward in some cities

4th place: We are slowly approaching the podium. Before that happens, let's focus on fourth place, and that place goes to Karachi in Pakistan. Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and the capital of Sindh Province. Until 1959 it was even the capital of Pakistan. 13.1 million people live in the city, making Karachi one of the largest cities in the world.

3rd place: The bronze medal and thus 3rd place can again be secured by India with New Delhi. New Delhi is the capital of India and, according to Wikipedia, had a population of 249,998 in 2011. New Delhi has become noticeable in recent years due to heavy air pollution. According to a report by "Spiegel Online" from 2015, it is even the worst air in the world.

2nd place. The silver medal goes to Syria to the city of Damascus. Syria has had a bad time and nobody knows for sure if and when something like normality will exist again. It will probably take some time before orderly structures are in place again in Damascus. According to Wikipedia, the city officially has 1,834,741 residents.

1st place: Caracas secured first place and thus the gold medal in Venezuela. The capital of Venezuela is considered the country's cultural and economic center and has 2.104 million inhabitants (according to Wikipedia in 2011).

In conclusion, it can be said that India appears very often in this list. Due to the recent years, Syria has appeared in this ranking. Western cities are not in sight. Another sign that the growing economic power will attract more and more people and that rents and purchase prices in the western world may continue to rise. This fact is often caused by rising property prices and rental apartments are converted into condominiums.

The change in demand in Germany

A new trend in Germany seems to be that more and more sparsely populated places are being scouted for property purchases. For many years it was the big metropolises that are usually of interest to buyers, but now rural regions are also being targeted more often. A data analysis by the company Empiricia for "Welt am Sonntag" shows that, for example, the average prices for residential property in Frankfurt (Oder) have risen by 37 percent within one year. This information comes from an article on welt.de.

Average prices of single and two-family houses and of condominiums from the first half of 2016 were compared with the values ​​from the previous year. Empiricia also determined for "Welt am Sonntag" that prices in Cologne have risen by six percent. In Düsseldorf it is only two percent. Significant increases can only be observed in Berlin and Munich with 15 percent each, as it continues on "welt.de".

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