How can I ensure my reincarnation

Future III: The rebirth

My "selfish behavior" started with an impromptu post I posted on social media. A politician close to the Church had made some disgusting remarks about a women's hangout, so I wrote something derogatory about that politician. I assumed he was going to block me and that would be the end of the whole thing.

It was a negligent act of rebellion. People just did that without thinking about it - but the rules were changing faster than I suspected. When I went to the coffee shop the next day to start my shift, I was fired. My ex-boss showed me a data profile on the display of his tablet that showed my offensive comment along with my social security number as well as the digitized blood sample that had been taken as part of the personal verification during my employment.

But that's not all: the social network had handed over all of my private correspondence to the Federal Police. A commented selection of online chats with friends and with my friend Kat was now online along with my data profile; it ranged from very frank comments about ongoing events to intimate photos I posted to Kat while she was studying abroad. All of this resulted in the portrait of a thoroughly depraved person. From that day on, every conceivable employer could get a sufficiently repugnant picture of me.

After that I found a few odd jobs in back rooms, in the dirtiest kitchens in town, with the most disgusting chefs. Nowhere could I endure this for long. The frequent job changes soon became a flaw on my résumé. For the past 18 months, I've had to find my way through without a permanent job, in every possible way. And now all of this has caught up with me.

"So," asks Sister Ruth, "which of these two women would you like to be?"

I nod to the face with a future, the person with no past.