What are the teachings of Christianity


Christianity is the largest religion in the world: over two billion Christians believe in one God who created the world and in the teachings of the preacher Jesus Christ. He lived in Palestine around 2000 years ago. Christian believers believe that he is the Son of God. Jesus Christ was sentenced to death and nailed to a cross. Christians believe that he sacrificed himself in order to redeem people from their sins with his death. Since then the cross has been the symbol of Christianity. All Christians should follow certain rules in their lives called the Ten Commandments. They are in the holy scriptures of Christians, the Bible.

Different beliefs

Not all Christians attend the same type of church: there are hundreds of different Christian denominations. For example, around 300 million Christians belong to Orthodox churches. 'Orthodox' comes from the Greek and means 'devout'. The Orthodox Churches split from the Catholic Church in the 11th century. They are also called Eastern Churches because they are particularly widespread in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Catholic and Protestant

But there are also different Christian churches in Germany. The Catholic Church is the oldest and largest of them. The term 'Catholic' comes from the Greek and means 'relating to the whole'. The name comes from the fact that there was originally only one church for Christians. The Pope, its head, lives in the Vatican. In the individual parishes, priests take care of the believers. Catholic priests are not allowed to marry.

The other large Christian church in Germany is the Evangelical Church. The word 'evangelical' also comes from the Greek and translates as 'relating to the good news'. Because the Bible consists of two parts, the Old and the New Testament, and the parts of the New Testament that tell of the life of Jesus Christ are called the 'Gospel' or 'Good News'.

Why did the Church split up?

In the 16th century, the monk Martin Luther wanted to change a few things in the Catholic Church: He was bothered by the fact that many priests at that time demanded money from the believers who wanted to be freed from their sins. He also wanted services to be held in German instead of Latin. And so that more people could form an opinion about the message of Jesus, Luther was the first to translate the Bible into German. Because the Catholic Church did not allow any changes, a movement arose that is now called the Reformation. Reformation means something like 'renewal'. It led to the establishment of the Evangelical Church. Today about 20 percent of all Christians in the world are Protestant.

Many holidays

Whether Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox: There are many holidays in the Christian Church. Most of them have to do with the life of Jesus. The birth of Jesus is celebrated at Christmas and his resurrection at Easter. Other important holidays are for example Pentecost, Ascension Day or Corpus Christi.

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