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Agricultural insurance

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How to find the best agricultural insurance

Agricultural policies contain the most important insurances for comprehensive company insurance cover for arable farming and animal husbandry. Some insurers have developed special agricultural policies, within which a variety of insurance policies combined can be. With other insurers, a farm can have several individualEquip commercial insurance.

These 2 things are important for getting agricultural insurance

  1. Do you know yours Insurance needs: What does (still) have to be insured in my company? Find out more about this in the next few chapters of this article.
  2. Let Insurance solutions Adapt exactly to your farm: Every farm is different. Use our free rate calculator on this page to compare offers or contact us directly.

So you can run your business already from 60 euros a month to secure. However, the costs vary greatly depending on the 2 criteria mentioned above.

Expert tip:

“Agricultural insurance is a must tailored to your company be. Otherwise, you could either pay too much or be underinsured. In the case of underinsurance, the insurance company does not cover the entire damage - policyholders have to cover part of it themselves. In the event of overinsurance, you may pay for insurance components that you actually do not need. We would be happy to support you in properly safeguarding your agricultural business. "

What can be covered in agricultural insurance?

  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • Inventory of the farm building
  • agricultural machinery and automobiles
  • Protection of workers
  • Protection against loss of income
  • Protection against hail and storm damage

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Overview: Agricultural Insurance

Agricultural insurance is after Modular principle built up. This means that policyholders can decide for themselves which insurance modules they need for their operations and which they do not. The individual modules can usually be adapted very individually to the circumstances of the respective agricultural operation.

We will explain each of them to you in the following chapters Components of agricultural insurance. In the following overview, click on what is important for your company to go directly to the relevant section in this article.

Property insurance for farms

The property insurance area includes Buildings, contents / inventory and loss of earnings insurance.

Buildings insurance

In agricultural building insurance you can all of the company's buildings be insured, for example:

  • main building
  • Outbuildings
  • Buildings that belong to the company but are not on the main property

The basis for calculating the insurance premiums is the External dimensions of the building or the Living or usable space. Some insurers do not work with insurance sums for building insurance, but set certain compensation limits. As a rule, buildings are used for sliding new value insured to avoid underinsurance. However, some insurers limit the replacement value compensation and only apply it to buildings that are in constant use.

What dangers are the buildings insured against?

  • Fire
  • tap water
  • Overload
  • Storm and hail

In order to save costs, you can also take out pure fire insurance - but here it is only the danger of fire insured (more on this in the next section).

Possible additional services

In some regions, insurance against natural hazards should be taken out in addition to building insurance, which is also available for Natural hazards like landslides, heavy rain and floods. Such an extension is also worthwhile at high altitudes with heavy snowfall.

tip: Some insurers also assume additional costs for energetic modernization.

Beekeeping Insurance

Beekeeping insurance basically covers the dangers that building insurance also covers (see above). A global beekeeping insurance policy is also available, in addition to the complete beehives the entire harvest safeguards. Members of the Professional beekeeping association receive discounted conditions from some insurance companies.

Fire insurance

The agricultural fire insurance contribute all fire damage (Intent excluded). Initially, it does not matter which parts of the company were damaged by fire. The building, machines, livestock as well as harvest and farm supplies are comprehensively covered by fire insurance.

Content insurance

With business content insurance (also known as inventory insurance) you can following parts be insured:

  • Animals
  • harvest
  • Economic supplies
  • Tractors, combine harvesters
  • self-propelled machines

Farmers can choose to have them only the danger of fire want to hedge or one Complete protection (Fire, storm, hail, burglary as well as elementary and tap water as an extension).

The sums insured or compensation limits are usually included for material assets 5 million euros and other costs such as cleanup and demolition costs 2 million euros.

tip: Often the Loss of income are also insured. The loss of earnings insurance replaces ongoing fixed costs if operations are suspended due to damage.

Insure private inventory

If you have your private apartment in your company building, you can insure your personal furnishings with household insurance.

Crop protection insurance

Among the agricultural insurance, the crop or crop loss insurance is one of the most important safeguardsin order to be able to continue the agricultural operation even after major losses. Also known as business failure insurance, it maintains the company's liquidity and thus ensures continuous production. The insurance reimburses for the period of the interruption lost sales up to the agreed coverage amount. As a rule, loss of earnings insurance is taken out together with the content insurance.

Weather insurance

For a long time there were hardly any insurance solutions for loss of earnings due to extreme weather situations. In particular, drought and floods have so far not been insurable. But as the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture reports here, new offers are currently being established on the insurance market. We offer you one of these innovative insurance concepts.

Farmers can now take out special insurance against Drought damage assure. In severe and prolonged drought, the complete harvest lost go - and with it important income. Weather insurancerefunded the farmer the income he misses due to drought. All other details and the possibility of one graduation You can get the insurance here:

Weather insurance for farmers

A hedge of the agricultural vehicles is essential for farmers. Within an agricultural policy, this can usually be individually adapted for each vehicle. Depending on the vehicle, the insured can choose between full and partial coverage. Agricultural tractors can be covered by tractor insurance.

A vehicle fleet insurance can also be useful, if at least 3 motor vehicles to be used. As a rule, agricultural tractors, trailers, motorcycles and trucks are also covered. You can get detailed information here:

Vehicle fleet insurance for agriculture

Public liability insurance

Business liability insurance is also one of the most important forms of protection for commercial activities on farms. Liability insurance generally protects against Claims for damages from third parties. Personal injury, property damage and financial loss are covered.

Agricultural liability insurance usually covers the entire operational area. Be sure to do that above all Environmental risks and Risks from keeping animals are insured. Animals in particular can often cause liability damage, for example during loading or grazing. You can often integrate your personal liability insurance into your company insurance. The public liability for agricultural companies also applies rented agricultural machinery. This is referred to as damage caused by custody.

More about business liability insurance for farmers

Legal protection insurance

The legal protection insurance for farmers covers the costs Litigation from the fields of agriculture, private life, transport and real estate. Family and employees can also be insured.

Insured areas of law

  • Agricultural business including contractual legal protection for contracts in connection with the insured agricultural activity (e.g. purchase of agricultural equipment, purchase and sale of feed, seeds, cattle, ...).
  • Private legal protection: Applies to the insured owners, retirees and farm heirs as well as their (spouses) partners and minor children.
  • Traffic legal protection: All cars, trailers, motorcycles and vehicles used in agriculture or forestry are insured.
  • Real estate legal protection: For all agricultural properties located in Germany and all private owner-occupied properties.

Possible extensions

  • Landlord's legal protection: For commercially used properties and apartments, if these are located in a partially commercially used building.
  • Cross-compliance legal protection: Legal protection in the event of a reduction in EU direct payments due to a violation of cross-compliance guidelines.
  • Special criminal legal protection: Also insured against accusations of intent (as long as this has not been legally established).
  • Legal protection for agricultural ancillary businesses: e.g. farm shops, riding schools or animal trade
  • Legal protection for pension horses: Insurance protection usually applies to several horses that are employed on the insured farm.
  • Legal protection for temporary rental: Insurance cover applies to several beds, the maximum number of beds varies depending on the provider. Insurance cover is provided for temporary letting, which lasts for a maximum of one year and traditionally means “farm holidays”.

Company legal protection may also be necessary under certain circumstances.

Technical insurance for agricultural operations

Machines and technical systems can also be insured in a targeted manner. An insurance company covers the costs for repairs and restoration.

These devices can be secured

  • Mobile and transportable agricultural machines
  • Stationary machines
  • Electrotechnical systems and devices

These risks can be insured

  • Clumsiness
  • Construction, material and execution errors
  • incorrect and / or negligent operation
  • Natural hazards such as landslides, floods, storms or frost

Electronics insurance

Electronics insurance insures data, information and communication technology as well as office equipment. If electronic systems are also to be insured, this is usually possible at an additional cost.

Machine insurance for stationary or mobile technology

Which machines are specifically covered by the machine insurance is regulated very differently depending on the insurance company. In general, when it comes to machine insurance, construction vehicles and forestry machines cannot be insured.

You can protect yourself against the failure of machines that are essential for operation with business interruption insurance for machines.

Tractor insurance

Agricultural tractorssuch as tractors, tractors or tractors can be covered by tractor insurance. In terms of benefits, this is similar to private vehicle insurance, i.e. it is divided into liability and comprehensive insurance. As a rule, however, such separate insurance is only necessary if the vehicles are on public roads drive, so are subject to registration. Registration-free agricultural vehicles can be included in the business content insurance, for example.

How to get tractor insurance

Transport insurance

What is insurable?

The transport insurance covers damage on their own agricultural goodsby the policyholder himself, his employees or a freight forwarder transported become.

The insurance cover usually applies to following goods:

  • agricultural products and merchandise including live animals
  • agricultural commodities including raw materials and semi-finished products
  • Machines and tools that are carried as work equipment.

Which transports can be insured?

The transport can on own or rented Vehicles. Also the use of vehicles of employees is possible. The protection applies in inland as well as for occasional transports to and from neighboring countries.

More about transport insurance (including tariff comparison)

Agricultural animal insurance or animal disease insurance

For farmers whose Main source of income animal husbandry, loss of income due to problems with the livestock - illness, theft, accidents, etc. - threaten the existence of the company. With a Animal disease yield damage insurance you will be reimbursed for all loss of earnings that arise in connection with animal diseases. Your business does not have to accept any payment bottlenecks and can continue without restrictions.

Why is income loss insurance so important?

In contrast to the animal disease fund the benefits of the loss of earnings insurance are much more extensive. In the event of damage, it ensures the existence of the company concerned. Because next to the immediate cost of culling or the killing of animals is covered by income loss insurance also for the related Loss of income on.

What do the animal disease funds pay?

The animal health insurance funds of the federal states compensate for the loss of animals if an official veterinarian has ordered the killing. Such an order is issued if an outbreak of a notifiable animal disease occurs or an outbreak is suspected. However, the animal disease funds only take over that immediate cost of killing, not the loss of earnings. Certain requirements apply to the entitlement to compensation from the animal disease funds. More about it here.

Earnings damage insurance benefits for animal diseases

Are insured Loss of earningsthat arise as a result of these 3 events:

  • Animal losses and / or reduction in animal production output
  • Depreciation of animal products
  • Interruption of the production process, delivery bans and sales restrictions

The following hazards are insured:

  • Withdrawal of the defined health status
  • Animal disease at the neighboring farmer
  • With declaration of the restricted area and marketing ban

When does the loss of earnings insurance not pay?

Depending on the provider, there may be exclusions. For example, can certain animals not be insured. Often they are certain dangersthat are not covered:

  • Fire, lightning, explosion
  • flooding
  • Storm

Which animals can be insured?

Is there a maximum number of animals?

Often, insurers set a maximum number of insured animals per production process, for example in cattle fattening 50 beef cattle.

Possible additional services

Depending on the provider and tariff, expenses for new breeding animals or the Disposal of manure and manure are also insured. This agricultural insurance is indispensable in the dairy industry and in breeding farms (e.g. piglet production).

That is why pig farmers need income loss insurance

Are the animals of a piglet producer from an animal disease such as the African swine fever (ASP), this has significant financial consequences for operations. In addition to the Cull the animals will be the farm mostly for several months blocked. This means that the income is completely lost. Furthermore arise additional costs through the disposal of the killed animals, through disinfection measures and the preparation of laboratory samples. In such a case, only the common animal value will be reimbursed by the animal disease fund. If the piglet producer is not insured, he will quickly stay at the cost of 10,000 euros upwards to sit.

That is why dairy farmers need income loss insurance

Dairies only take milk from officially recognized tuberculosis-free cattle. This is already enough Suspected tuberculosis and the dairy farm is left with its milk. Even if there is an unfounded suspicion, the company will only be recognized as officially free of tuberculosis after several examinations. That means for the company: no milk money for several weeks. This means that such a business is in acute danger of its existence if no loss of earnings insurance has been taken out.

That is why poultry producers need income loss insurance

Animal diseases, whether the own population is directly affected or the farm is only in the restricted area, usually drag on for several months Blocking time after yourself. During this time, the company may use the Do not market eggs. Contamination of feed can also mean that the poultry producer is no longer allowed to sell the animals or their meat. This is where the loss of earnings insurance steps in and ensures the survival of the business concerned by compensating for the loss of earnings.

Choice of 2 types of compensation

Flat rate compensation

  • Determination of the compensation rates directly at the conclusion of the contract
  • Simpler handling in the event of damage
  • Actual damage can be higher, leading to a shortfall in coverage. The farmer may have to pay extra himself.

Individual compensation

  • Based on the damage actually incurred (determined through book closings, performance data and market prices)
  • Significantly longer processing time
  • Tip: Agree on an early advance payment

What does an income loss insurance against animal diseases cost?

On a farm with several hundred animals, farmers should have annual costs 1,000 euros upwards calculate. The Deductible Depending on the provider, this is between 3 and 6 percent per claim. Here it is worth taking a closer look at the insurance conditions.

In addition, the insurance premium of following factors decisive influence:

  • Type of animals
  • Number of animals
  • Concrete scope of services
  • Deductible