How dangerous is indoor climbing

How dangerous is indoor climbing with an inexperienced belaying partner?

I agree with @Reustonium that Grigris will be safer initially, but ATCs are well worth learning because as you move on to leading you will be grateful for the extra practice with them.

If your gym is something like the indoor climbing center my wife was able to study at, the regulars can also keep an eye out for any obvious problems such as: B. after tangling the rope tail, hands too close to the belay device, etc. I was up on an ascent. They were also good at calming her down while abandoning me, as my weight was completely in her hands at this point.

During the initial learning phase, you may also ask if your belayer can loop the rope through a loop close to the ground before it reaches the top of the ascent. Especially if one of you is a lot heavier than the other, this can give you a bit more security if you don't get pulled into the air.


OH! So the loops on the floor are for it! I noticed the bows on the floor but didn't know what they are for, excellent.

Rory Alsop

When our kids had lessons, they had 8 kids on a leash who then went through that loop before going upstairs. They secured the climber by walking backwards. Very effective


We tie the children up with sandbags where I climb. :) :)

Rory Alsop

@Ste - that sounds wrong out of context :-) But I like it.