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DASDING special Bumble BFF, Meetup and Co .: Use these apps to make new friends

Maybe you have just moved to a new city or are you just in the mood to find new people to hang out with? But if you are too shy to speak to others directly in the "real world", you can easily meet new people via the app.

Here we have listed the apps for getting to know friends 👇

1. Bumble BFF

Bumble started out as an app for finding dates. The app was launched in 2014 by Tinder co-founder Whitney Herd, who found Tinder too sexist and then founded the dating app Bumble. In 2016 Bumble BFF started, which is only designed to make new friends.

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2. Meetup

Almost everyone has dating apps like Tinder or Lovoo nowadays on their mobile phones. But if you are not looking for a relationship - or a bed story - come with me Meetup maybe an alternative for you.

What's the matter? The description of the app states that the aim is to bring people together who have the same interests. Sounds good - especially if you want to join a group of people. Unfortunately, creating an event yourself costs money. Otherwise there are leisure activities from wellness to day trips into nature.

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3. Couchsurfing hangouts

Yes, Couchsurfing is actually an app with which you can find a place to sleep in another city - or offer one. BUT: Within the normal Couchsurfing app there is a very practical function with which you can easily meet people: the category Hangout.

What's the matter? Similar to the Meetup app, it's about finding cool people who want to do the same things as you do. From hiking to drinking a coffee, everything is there. The advantage: Here you can also create your own events for free. On the other hand, the ads that are in the app are stupid. Another annoying thing about the app is that you are constantly offered the paid version.

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How to find food friends via app!

4. Spontacts

Are you sporty and like to connect with others through sport? Then the app is Spontacts probably made for you.

What's the matter? About sporting activities. And being together. Once you have registered, you can choose between a number of sports. There are also categories like this for everyone who likes to be active, but like to do something good or visit something. The good thing: the app searches for you in your immediate vicinity and shows you directly whether the campaigns are free.

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Tired of going on vacation alone? You can find travel partners here!

5. FriendsUp

GIRLS ATTENTION: The app FriendsUp calls itself "the girls' community dedicated to women". 👭

What's the matter? This should allow girls to expand their circle of friends - regardless of whether for sports or excursions or just for coffee. The whole thing actually works in a similar way to Tinder: swipe up to the right if someone seems likeable to you, then you send a "Cheers". Anyone who gets such a "Cheers" can then write to the other person.

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For anyone who doesn't want to go far to meet new people, the app listen cool. It wants to encourage us to explore our own neighborhood.

What's the matter? The app describes itself as "Germany's largest free neighborhood network". Getting to know your neighbors better can actually have many benefits. They may also be able to help you if you are looking for a good doctor in the area or give you insider tips on bars and pubs. You can also take part in cool events, such as running groups or game evenings. One disadvantage: it won't work in small villages. The next tip could be more useful for you. 👇👇👇

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7. Facebook

Many of you are now probably thinking: HÖ? But: in many cities there is Facebook groupswhere people come together to do something together. Such groups exist for almost everyone eeeeesomething bigger city - and massive. Just enter "Meet new people in (your city)".

8. MeetMe

This app is particularly suitable for people who know what they want - or not. Because: Here users have the opportunity to write in their profile what they are looking for. Make friends for sports? To go out with the dog? To go to concerts? Or just to chat? MeetMe is, so to speak, an all-purpose app - and it's free.

What's the matter? To make contacts - in the most uncomplicated way! And according to the app: via a live stream. Users have the option to go live and then chat with others. So it should be easy to get a first impression of the other person - without any nasty surprises. The app is probably less suitable for people who are rather shy.

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