Who is your guilty amusement musician


“Now you have to pay. You drove it pretty wild, "complained" Pastor "Michael Neugebauer, incidentally also Senate President of the Euskirchen fools' guild, at the farewell to the foolish session 2010/11, the Jecken on the old market. "You drank and lost your vote," he said to the representatives of the four city carnival clubs, the IG Südstadt and the Euskirchen Carnival Festival Committee (Feuka). And of course Prince Josef II (Linden). Because he had already lost his voice before the "great days" and will be remembered as a croaking prince.

There was already a little indulgence from the “pastor”, who played his role in an excellent mood, at the old market. There he sprinkled the hotties with a toilet brush that was dripping with water. But why atone yourself when there is someone to blame on whom everything can be passed on?

Made from old bone

a new prince?

The entire entourage, led by the music procession of the Prinzengarde, which alternated with the musicians procession of the KG "Alt Oeskerche" provided the musical accompaniment, moved in a torchlight procession to the monastery garden. Because there the Nubbel was already waiting for those who wanted to get to him.

After "Pastor" Neugebauer had assigned the Südstadtregent Jürgen II. (Bursch) as his "BH" - that is, accountant - he once again reminded the junkers of the nubbel. Based on the Bläck Fööss, the "pastor" reported that the Nubbel had already been dead for a quarter of an hour and only then did his glass fall out of his hand. "Löss Bier, Schabau, Jespritzte ston / Dat would never have anyone in Lääve." No beer, no flönz. ”When Neugebauer and his“ acolyte ”Georg Bonnet finally handed poor Nubbel over to the flames, the jockeys were allowed to hook each other again and sway to“ Oeskerche, Oeskerche ”. But before that, Neugebauer called out the prince's motto again in a pretended hoarse voice: "Löv denge Droom."

Josef Linden's dream of a prince finally came to an end in the City Forum. After Küfer Daniel II (Krosch) had been adopted, the prince felt the same way. At an early hour he had taken off his regalia and appeared in a black suit. The “pastor” was also changed. Because Martin Niessen slipped into this role for the prince's funeral. In the hope that a prince would grow out of it for the future session, an old bone was rubbed with mustard, pepper and salt as well as Veybach and Erft water. The water came from the tap, as Niessen admitted, but: "If you turn on the tap here, we have Veybach and Erft water directly." After the carnivalists had turned their uniforms inside out or swapped, Niessen raised the issue, the Josef Nürrenberg had written opposite the "handkerchief crushers". And finally, ex-Prince Josef II received his nickname, which Niessen had protected from prying eyes with an adhesive strip on his paper until the announcement was made. From now on, the landlord will bear the prince's name “The pourer of Zappes on Fläsch”.