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Discover the world's largest Japanese course

Memorize the meanings and pronunciation of the simplest Japanese words. Play games, review what you've learned, research different topics to better memorize each word.

Learn Japanese phrases and apply them in various everyday situations. Our extensive vocabulary includes the most basic Japanese sentences and expressions. Speak easily when traveling and communicate freely with native speakers.

Our visual aids will speed up the learning process. Learning vocabulary becomes more interesting and effortless with our intuitive illustrations and gifs.

By converting Japanese characters into Latin letters, our transliteration technology enables you to start reading and speaking right from the start.

Visual, auditory & verbal learning

Hand drawn illustrations

Learn Japanese by connecting words and phrases with our colorful hand-drawn illustrations.

Make your learning process easier by listening to professional recordings. All audio files were recorded by native speakers of the Japanese language.

Speech recognition technology

Improve your accent by recording your pronunciation and working on the aspects that require more attention.

Learn Japanese faster with games

Learn Japanese with the help of our simple and efficient games to learn. Get quick results and learn to read, listen, write, and speak Japanese. Work on your pronunciation and learn new communication skills as you play.

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Master all levels of difficulty in the Japanese language

Japanese for beginners

Learn the most commonly used words and phrases. Be able to greet people, introduce yourself, and say where you are from. Pronounce every word and phrase correctly. Focus more on your listening skills with the help of our professionally recorded human pronunciations.

Japanese for intermediate level

Enrich your vocabulary and take your communication skills to a new level with the help of FunEasyLearn. Share your thoughts, discuss your plans, and start conversations. Use your newly acquired knowledge in real situations and make new friends abroad.

Japanese for advanced learners

Be able to communicate easily with native speakers. Keep learning and expanding your vocabulary. Start reading books. Choose the right style when writing and the right tone when speaking. Keep up to date with every conversation and discuss any topic.

Japanese for travel

The FunEasyLearn phrasebook has been designed to make you feel safer when traveling abroad. It contains everything you could need in all common travel-related situations. Buy plane tickets, rent cars and book hotel rooms on your own.

Japanese for business

With FunEasyLearn, learning languages ​​is more convenient for your company. Our unique business courses have been developed by certified linguists and professional teachers. These lessons are designed to help flight attendants, salespeople, taxi drivers, restaurant workers and people in other professions. Learn Japanese to be able to greet your guests, help your customers choose the right products, and take good care of your customers.

Japanese for kids

Our simple games and beautiful illustrations make learning Japanese motivating and entertaining for children. You can figure out how to pronounce any word or phrase and start speaking quickly. Numbers, colors, animals, plants - they will learn the right vocabulary according to their learning abilities and age interests.

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Japanese course

Japanese words

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Why learn Japanese

Japan is an unusual country, full of intense contrasts. It combines modern cities and technology with ancient traditions and architecture. Japan is the third largest economy in the world and one of the most stable economies in Asia. It's also one of the safest countries in the world, with its secure borders and low crime rate, famous Japanese brands like Toshiba, Honda, Sony, Nikon, Toyota, Casio etc. have established many companies all over the world. Learning Japanese can give you a number of impressive career opportunities and help you find a great job at one of the many multinational companies.Sony PlayStation, Nintendo, Hello Kitty, Karaoke, manga, haiku, sudoku, martial arts, origami, anime, sushi - just think of how our lives are enriched and entertaining with products from Japan. The Japanese people are known for their love of design, precision and mastery. Japanese pop culture has universal appeal around the world. Learn Japanese to gain access to the rich history and customs of Japan, as well as the countries around it. The cultures of the Asian nations are diverse, but they have a lot in common. Learn Japanese and discover these diverse, yet similar cultures. It's relatively easy to reach 44th grade Hiragana- or Katakana- To learn characters that represent sounds in the same way as the English alphabet. In many ways, Japanese grammar is also easier to learn than any other language. The nouns have no gender or plural forms and there are only two verb forms - present and past. From the growing anime fan base to a relatively new taste for sushi, Japanese culture is growing in popularity in many countries around the world. Expand your vocabulary and develop new communication skills to be able to speak freely and start a conversation with the locals. Learn Japanese to discover ancient customs and take advantage of new business opportunities.

Fun facts about the Japanese language

The land of the rising sun

The word "Japan" is not a Japanese word. The Japanese people call their country "に ほ ん" / nihon / or "に っ ぽ ん" / nippon /, which can roughly be translated as "the origin of the sun".

Japanese is one of the fastest spoken languages

A recent study compared the speed (in syllables per second) at which native speakers from different countries speak. Japanese topped the list at 7.84 syllables per second.

Japanese has no connection with other languages

Despite the fact that the Japanese alphabet Kanji Using Chinese characters, the Japanese language is not based on Chinese. Unlike other widely used languages, Japanese is not closely related to any other major language in the world.

Japanese is spoken a lot on the internet

It is one of the TOP 10 most spoken languages ​​on the Internet. More and more websites translate their content not only into English, Spanish and Russian, but also into Chinese and Japanese.

Some major Japanese dialects

The dialect spoken in Tokyo that is considered standard Japanese;

Spoken without much intonation;

Used in education, mass culture, television, radio, etc .;

When you start learning Japanese, you will likely learn the Kanto dialect

Second important dialect in Japan;

Spoken in big cities like Osaka and Kyoto;

Is spoken faster and with more intonation;

Has unique words:
お お き に / okini / - thank you;
ほ ん ま / honma / - really?

Spoken in the Tōhoku region and different from standard Japanese;

Seems to be slow, much like giving a less demanding speech to them Kanto and Kansai Speaker;

Subtitles are required when speaking from Tohoku appear on television;

Also Zūzū Called dialect.

The Kyushu dialects are divided into three main groups: Hichiku, Hōnichi & Kagoshima;

Most of his dialects are completely incomprehensible to other Japanese speakers;

Some of the vowels are pronounced differently;

Characterized by adjectives that point to / -ka / end up. For example / samuka / For / samui / (cold).

Tips on how to use the FunEasyLearn app more efficiently

Learn the most commonly used Japanese words and phrases according to the topics you need;

Develop a practical vocabulary and memorize every word and phrase you have learned with the help of our unique review system;

Hide the content you don't want to learn and mark the ones you need as favorites;

Learn the spelling and pronunciation of every word or phrase by heart by associating them with our beautiful hand-drawn illustrations;

Have fun with our simple games for learning the language and make vocabulary acquisition even more motivating.

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