Furniture suppliers should tip

Cashless Recognition: How to Tip Using Cards or Apps

Everything should be made easy for customers, including giving tips. For example, if you have pizza or sushi delivered to your home, you no longer have to worry about whether you have enough cash at home to pay for the meal and tip. In the meantime, this can often be paid for when ordering on the Internet. For other services, tips can already be given via the app.

With the parcel service dpd, for example, customers can already send money to their parcel delivery service via an app. You can choose between one, two and four euros - or you can click on “Other amount” and enter a sum between one and 9.50 euros yourself. The tip function is built into the app, which customers can use to see where their expected parcel is.

"With this function, we want to give satisfied customers the opportunity to do more than just smile at their front door," says Michael Knaupe, Head of Customer Service. Nobody has to worry that the money will end up with dpd and not with the delivery person. The money is transferred directly from the customer to the delivery person via the PayPal payment service. The prerequisite is that both sides have an account there.

It's not that easy everywhere. Many restaurants and pubs, for example, still insist on coins and banknotes, they say “cash only”. But the direction is clear: the share of cash transactions in Germany is decreasing - slowly but steadily. This brings one question into focus for customers, but also for employees in the catering, hotel and taxi industries: What happens to the tip? Does the thank you for good service disappear with the hard coins? New solutions are needed.

An opportunity for new professional groups

How much tip the parcel service dpd collects in the end cannot be said by Knaupe because his company is outside the box. It shouldn't be too much so far. According to the dpd, of the 10,000 deliverers, no more than one in five has activated the tip function for themselves. Apart from that, it is not customary to tip parcel carriers except before Christmas and maybe Easter.