How did Hannibal get back to Carthage?

Hannibal - Carthage vs. Rome

Topics of this issue

Hannibal's crossing of the Alps
Is the march over the mountains awesome or insane?

Carthage, the great power
How the city on the north coast of Africa becomes the hub of the Mediterranean

The First Punic War
The conflict between Rome and Carthage flares up in Sicily

From boy to general
After his military training in Spain, Hannibal starts the Second Punic War

Rome's worst defeat
The battle of Cannae brings the republic to the brink

The great procrastination in Italy
The victorious Hannibal does not attack Rome. He has other plans

Archimedes' super weapons
The ingenious inventor defends his hometown Syracuse with innovative machines

The ancient world war
The locations of the Second Punic War on the map

Scipio strikes back
A young Roman challenges Hannibal to the decisive duel

Femme fatale
The beautiful Sophonisbe threatens Rome's power

First reformer, then hunted
After the war, Hannibal becomes a successful politician - and has to flee from his enemies

The Third Punic War
Carthage blossoms again. It seals its downfall

From defeat to the economic miracle
In an interview, the ancient historian Pedro Barceló shows parallels between Carthage and Germany

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