How long is the USS Zumwalt

US Navy receives a new high-tech warship

The US Navy did not want to do without the ships entirely. "We have decided to financially separate the planning of the shipbuilding from the equipment with the weapon system", explained Vice-Admiral Bill Merz. As with the first ship, the weapon system is missing on delivery.

Compared to the original planning of the "Zumwalt" class, further changes have been made. "Michael Monsoor" is to be equipped with land-to-surface missiles SM-6 missiles, but its flight power does not reach as far as the AGS. Instead of focusing on targets on land, it should only act as a destroyer at sea.

According to the Navy, the weapons are to be installed in the coming months. According to information from the US magazine "Defense News", this will probably not happen before 2020. It was a big step that the ship was released from the dock. According to the US Navy, it is now being transferred to its home port of San Diego in California. Commissioning is therefore planned for January 2019.

The class of ships "Zumwalt" is considered to be the largest destroyer in the world, it is 183 meters long and has a displacement of over 15,000 tons. The first ship was launched in 2013, but was not officially put into service until 2016. Both ships come from the Bath Iron Works shipyard in Maine.

The new ship was named after the Navy soldier Michael A. Monsoor, who was killed during the Iraq war when he pounced on a grenade to protect his comrades.

Captain Kevin Smith, responsible for the project, is extremely satisfied: "The delivery marks years of hard work by the Navy and the shipyard," he is quoted in the US Navy press release. The third ship in the fleet, named after the 36th US President Lyndon B. Johnson, is still in the works.