How PayPal processes your payments

Internet PayPal: Payment open - what to do?


Normally, the payment is debited directly and quickly from your PayPal account and the payment process at PayPal is completed. However, it can happen that a PayPal payment is shown as "open" on your account. In this tipps + tricks article you can read what that means and what you can do about it - as a buyer or as a seller.

What does it mean when a PayPal payment is "open"?


You have received an email with the following content: "The payment is currently still being processed by us and therefore has the status" open "in your PayPal account. This means that the amount has not yet been received on your PayPal account ". If you as Buyers If you see the status "open" in your PayPal account after a payment has been made, PayPal has probably not yet processed the payment. There can be the following reasons for this:

  • Maybe yours linked bank account not covered and therefore the money cannot be debited from PayPal by direct debit. So make sure that your bank account has funds.
  • Your PayPal account is still open not verified.You can read here how to confirm your PayPal account.
  • You wanted to pay with PayPal credit, but you have not enough crediton your PayPal account. You can find out how to top up your PayPal account here.
  • You topped up the account by wire transfer, but the money was received not yetofPayPal posted.
  • There are also some Security checks on the part of PayPal. You will be notified of this in an additional email.


On the other hand, you are Salesrunner and the status of the payment is "open", this may be due to the fact that you only receive the money on eBay, for example, when the buyer has marked the item as "received". PayPal has provided the following tips especially for this case:

  • If you sell on eBay, mark the item as "shipped" in your eBay account.
  • For all sales outside of eBay, use a recognized shipping service provider for your shipments. Otherwise, payment will be activated 21 calendar days after the payment date, unless the buyer reports a problem.
  • If you are generally active users with positive ratings on sales platforms, the probability is very low that the status of the payment will be displayed as "open".