How do day-to-day business work

Daily operational business

„"There are no saturated markets, only saturated minds". Peter Drucker liked to use this quote to underline the relevance of strategic management.

Why is?

Strategic management is essential for companies - and a core task of executives. It is necessary to steer a company in the right direction over the long term. However, this requires completely different orientation and control parameters than those used in day-to-day business - this often leads to tension. In this course you will learn what is important in strategic management and how to implement strategies in day-to-day operations.

Why should I check it out?

Strategic management is central to the long-term existence of your company. It creates the framework in which you can achieve business success: When used correctly, it helps you gain market share and strengthen your positioning; it creates better quality and more benefits for your customers; and promotes the innovative strength and productivity of your company.

What am I missing if I don't see it?

How effective strategic management is depends above all on the quality of your leadership. In this course you will learn what strategic management is and how it relates to operational management. You will learn how to determine the status quo of your company. We look at different strategic methods together and see how you can use them correctly. Finally, you will learn how to control the implementation of your strategy specifically and receive practical management tips.