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WoW culinary arts guide for Shadowlands

With the WoW Legion, the professions system is adapted. We have summarized the most important changes here.

  • The interface of all professions is bigger and clearer in Legion.
  • The new maximum skill level in Legion is 800.
  • The new recipes from Legion have three ranks. The higher the rank of a culinary art recipe, the higher the number of dishes prepared.
  • It is said that good cooks have a chef's hat.

Patch 7.3

Patch 7.3 added a new feast to World of Warcraft. All Legion fish are listed as an ingredient on the recipe. We do not yet know what the feast will do. We get recipes as a reputation reward from Guardian Raynae, one of the new fishing masters from this patch.

Patch 7.2.5

Nomis snacks have been new since patch 7.2.5. With this item Nomi concludes the next 5 recipe researches immediately. This item can be looted and traded from any recipe research by Nomi.

Patch 7.2

Starting with patch 7.2, Prepared Ingredients will allow us to mix 10 prepared ingredients to cook different dishes. This creates randomly selected dishes from recipes that we have already learned. While mixing, we have the chance to learn new recipes.

There is very good news for raid players. The two Legion feasts were significantly strengthened. The hearty feast increases a value by 400 points instead of the previous 150. The sumptuous feast of Suramar now has 500 points instead of the previous 200.

Patch 7.1.5

Some WoW professions got new recipes with patch 7.1.5. There are no new recipes for this profession with this patch. Only Nomi's cooking skills have improved, so that we have a higher chance of new recipes.

Patch 7.1

The new cookery recipe from patch 7.1 offers a small speed bonus in the Legion areas. We get the falconosaur eggs we need from the new falcosaurs from the new invaders world quests as loot. The recipe itself is available for purchase from The Guardians with a respectful reputation.

Spicy falcosaur omelette
Restores 2,400,000 health and 1,200,000 mana over 20 seconds. You must remain seated during the meal. If you spend at least 10 seconds eating, you will be full and can run faster and attack for a short time after killing an enemy. Can only be used in the Broken Isles.
2 x falcosaur eggs

Learn Legion Cooking Skill 800

We learn the new skill level 800 from level 98 with the culinary arts teachers Katherine Lee and Awilo Lon'gomba. This NPC is located in the respective faction kitchens in Dalaran.

Cooking levels in Legion

All culinary art dishes from Legion can be prepared from level 1. Most of them only give us one skill point. Therefore it is more effective to skill with the two recipes grilled sickle fish and sickle fish broth. These each grant 5 skill points. We learn these two recipes made easy by cooking on Draenor, which humanoid creatures in Dreanor leave behind as prey.


Before we get into the recipes, a quick word about the ranks. As with almost all WoW professions, there are three different ranks for the recipes. Higher tier culinary art recipes will create more dishes. With recipes on rank 1 we prepare 5 dishes, on rank two there are 7 dishes and on rank 3 we prepare 10 dishes.

Quests and recipe origins

We get several rank 1 recipes as rewards for individual quests during the quest series of the level areas or as loot from outside world opponents. As soon as we have learned one of these recipes, we are given the task Too Many Cooks. This task leads us to Nomi in Dalaran. From him we get the task A good recipe list, with which we have to find 6 more Legion recipes. Once we have done this, we continue with the task of kitchen experiments. After this task we can carry out work orders at Nomi. These assignments last three hours and give you the chance to learn a new recipe. Through work orders, we learn further rank 1 recipes, as well as all rank 2 and rank 3 recipes. Our table with all Legion recipes below reveals where you can get the individual recipes.

Ingredients in Legion

There are a number of new ingredients in Legion for the culinary profession. You can get these in different ways. Several different types of fish can be caught by fishing as a second job. Different types of meat drop from wild animals. Skinning is recommended for farming meat, as the yield is higher. Some recipes also require herbs that you farm with the Herbalism profession. There are also other ingredients such as eggs or spices.

If you want to farm your ingredients yourself, you should get the two shoulder enchantments Blessing of the Harvester and Blessing of the Butcher. With the first shoulder enchantment, we also receive harvest goods when looting. This includes fish and herbs. With the second shoulder enchantment, we get all possible reagents that one gets with the skinning profession.

Legion recipes

All culinary art recipes are divided into categories and sub-categories. 5 different categories are listed under Legion, the recipes of which differ mainly in the amount of ingredients required.

  • Snacks
    Need 1-2 ingredients to prepare.
  • Small meals
    Need 2-3 ingredients to prepare.
  • Big meals
    Need 3-4 ingredients to prepare.
  • Delicacies
    Need 5-6 ingredients to prepare.
  • Feasts
    Feasts for raid groups (buff food) require 6 ingredients to prepare. Bacon strips are one of the ingredients, the rest are dishes from the other categories.